Score Albino Buffalo Sticker Art

“Sticker art is important because it provides an accessibility to art that is more approachable than some other means of art sales,” says Albino Buffalo creator and graphic artist Jeff Knight. “The public can experience the visual work of regional artists for fifty cents a pull.”

Albino Buffalo just released its fourth series, which features the work of Chase Body, Alison Bueksler, Shane Maland, Emma Thofson, Chelsea Thorson, and Kensie Wallner. There are (spoiler alert) also stickers by recently announced mystery artist, Jordan Nelson, who screenprinted some exceptionally cool stuff on wood paper with …

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Beer, Cheese, Dessert And A Getaway: What Readers Really Want For Valentine’s Day

Forget the roses — Prairie Style File readers want decadent desserts, local craft beer, a romantic getaway and a cooler full of aged parmesan for Valentine’s Day. (And not necessarily in that order.) And that’s why we all get along so well.

The most recent #PrairiePlaces Twitter chat just confirmed that I really do have the best readers in the world. From sexy restaurants to sleepy prairie town getaways, their picks are definitely not just for couples.

Here are a few reader suggestions for indulgent experiences and decadent treats from Minnesota and North Dakota, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Where …

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That Time I Let Fate Decide Our Vacation

I’m a planner. And I’ve basically been a travel writer since way before I was a travel writer, filling journals and photo albums with surprisingly detailed notes (what did I think I was going to do with them), odd observations and funny stories from over thirty states, twelve countries and three continents.

So how did an obsessive planner wind up letting fate decide her next trip? I’ll get to that.

First, you should know that I love the travel planning process. I adore every moment of preparation. I’m basically a giant nerd about it.

I read guidebooks (as …

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One Random Winter Weekend

I had one of those weeks this week. Between computer problems, impossible to find sources, rescheduled meetings and odd editorial requests, everything was taking about ten times as long as she it should have. It was apparent by Thursday morning that, while I was fully caffeinated and more than ready to work, nobody else was.

So I said “screw it” and built snow art instead. It was awesome.

Let me back up for a second. My high school friend Katie runs a marketing agency in Mahnomen, Minnesota and she wanted to try snow art messaging to (completely …

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The Star in the Cottonwood Tree

Here’s a confession I never thought I’d make on this website — I adore cottonwood trees. (I know this is random. Stay with me. There’s a point here, I promise.)

They’re not a terribly useful tree. The wood isn’t great for building and it’s pretty awful for burning, thanks to its high water content. And cottonwoods send tons of downy fuzz drifting through the summer skies, so they’re kind of a mess.

Cottonwoods are not trees that people are neutral about. You love them or you hate them.

And I love them. I love their height and the …

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A Little Romance

“Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.”
― Elinor Glyn

Well prairie people, it’s almost that time of year again. Valentine’s Day is coming soon and it brings, depending on your perspective, either a welcome celebration of romance or an eye-rolling, over-commercialized retail-fest.

I’m kind of over the hearts and flowers version of romance, but I love the idea of honoring connection, decadence and life’s little pleasures. Slowing down and taking time to indulge in experiences that bring you joy is something you can do every day of the year, …

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Just Go

Want to travel? Go. Just go.

You’ve always wanted to see the ocean? Now is the time. You’ve dreamed of seeing Paris or the pyramids or the Australian outback?

Then go. Just go. Life is short.

If you’ve been waiting for a nudge, a sign from the universe that you should just do it, then here it is.

This is it. This is your sign. This is your year.

This is the year of focusing less on money and things and focusing more on people and experiences. This is the year of dreams and adventures. This is the year of doing …

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Skip The Chains And Try Favorites Drive Thru Deli

It really confuses me when people travel somewhere new…and then hightail it the nearest McDonalds to order their usual.

Maybe I’m just immune to the comforts of routine, but I really don’t understand why you’d take time and pay money — even just a few dollars in gas money — to see a new place and then ignore a big part of what makes it unique.

If you avoid the chains, you’ll usually find something equally quick and a lot more interesting. Just keep your eyes open. That’s how I stumbled upon Favorites Drive Thru Deli in …

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A Suzy Starz Necklace Giveaway

Today’s giveaway is from a very cool North Dakota-based company called Suzy Starz.

Owner and designer Susan Beehler’s necklaces are inspired by nature. And she creates them using a natural material in a very cool and unusual way.

“The main selling point with Suzy Starz is the actual, naturally formed star from the cottonwood tree,” says owner and designer Susan Beehler.

“I harvest the stars by gathering the twigs up, bundling them and dating the bundles. Then I cut the star from the twig based on the best time to harvest — they cannot be too green …

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In Praise of The Mini-Break: Three Oaks Guest Inn

I firmly believe in the restorative power of a getaway — even if it’s only for a day or two, even if you only go a few miles away. A new place always helps me adjust my perspective, which can come in handy when I’m feeling especially bogged down by boring small business things like itemizing expenses and year-end reports.

I could have buckled down and done all that monotonous stuff at home. But I know myself. I’m relentless when it comes to doing things that I love (writing, traveling, editing, networking, researching, taking photos) and …

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