Street Style: Casual Black and White

I met Leah at the Downtown Fargo Street Fair last week and I loved her chill take on black and white. The recent Oklahoma transplant is a pro at mixing eye-catching pieces from major retailers with thrift store and street fair finds.

The result is androgynous and casual, playful and tough and it totally works for her.


Leah’s slim striped pants are a statement piece and she could have gone the conventional route and paired them with a simple black or white top.  I like that she didn’t take …

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Cool Off With Watermelon Limeade

Happy weekend!

This week’s been hot and I’ve mildly obsessed with cold drinks. This means you’re getting the rarest of posts today — the ever-elusive recipe post.

I blended up this super easy watermelon limeade on whim because I had an absurd amount of watermelon and lime juice in my fridge (four bottles — I need a citrus intervention). It ended up tasting pretty fantastic. I’ve been craving it all day, which is kind of amazing, since I’m usually pretty ambivalent about watermelon.


If you’re going to go to all …

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Western Edge Books, Artwork, Music: A Medora Oasis

Western Edge Books, Artwork, Music is an oasis of calm in the middle of of North Dakota’s #1 tourist destination.


Billed as a frontier bookstore (“We specialize in America ‘beyond the hundredth meridian’, from pre-history till the present,” declares the shop’s website) Western Edge Books, Artwork, Music is a perfect fit for bustling Medora, the pretty little western town that swells with visitors during North Dakota’s warm spring, summer and fall months.

This sense of place permeates the atmosphere in the shop and the selection. All of the books, artwork …

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Street Style: A Perfect Summer Work Look

Molly Scheitzer opened the door to Brea, a great little boutique in Dickinson, North Dakota, wearing the perfect summer work outfit.

It’s a great mix of easy and polished and works for any body type.


Brea is a dangerous store, in the best possible way. Liz and I found lots of great stuff when we visited (if you missed it, you can check out what we found here) and, in the grand tradition of retail employees everywhere, almost everything Molly is wearing comes from the shop.

Molly’s put her own …

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Dark Side of the Brew

When I’m writing a post, I usually struggle (and often fail) to come up with a cool sounding, eye-catching title.

Not this time. Dark Side of the Brew, Miranda and Aaron Anderson’s clever little Pink Floyd-inspired joint in Hebron, North Dakota totally took care of that for me.

This place is an oasis of indie charm in western North Dakota, a combination coffee shop, lunch spot and gallery that works on all levels.


Liz and I stopped by pretty late on a Saturday afternoon and found the place still bustling, …

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Whimsical Gardens

I like to garden, but I’m not terribly serious about it. Growing things for the experience is interesting. But growing things just for fun is even better.

I respect people who can grow lots of great food or create gardens that are beautiful to look at. But I adore gardeners who can make me laugh.

Here are a few gardens that make me smile, along with some easy ways to inject a little whimsy into your garden, patio or windowsill this year.

Embrace Kitschy Garden Statues:
These little frogs are celebrities in my neighborhood. Their owners …

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Ballet Flats and Bowling Bags: Shopping the Hodgepodge at Butler’s Thriftique

Butler’s Thriftique is a gleeful mash-up of a concept, a hybrid retail/consignment/vintage/antique shop that is perfectly adapted to the needs of its customers in Park River, North Dakota.

It’s a packed-to-the-gills small-town original that’s making it work with a little creativity and over-the-top customer service.


The store has several zones, including a small retail area for beauty products toward the front of the store, a large selection of mens’ and womens’ consignment and vintage clothing and accessories and a room packed with antiques and enough rusty stuff to make …

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A Tewaukon Music Festival Day Trip And Winner Announcement

If you’re headed to the Tewaukon Music Festival on August 30, you’re probably going for the great line-up of regional acts, including Tigirlily, 2 Mile Final, The Dan Brekke Band and The Benson Family.

As an added bonus, you’ll also be treated to gorgeous prairie views like these.


When you’re in the area, stop by Farmers Inn Cafe in Havana for lunch. Back when it was a community-run cafe, it was featured in national media for years. It’s open until 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

Then check out the Tewaukon National …

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The Stark Beauty of Western North Dakota

“The High Plains, the beginning of the desert West, often act as a crucible for those who inhabit them.”
- Kathleen Norris
Last month, I called up my best friend and we headed west, deep into the hauntingly beautiful landscape of western North Dakota. We found so many stories, more than I could have dreamed of when we set off.


On a whim, I decided to re-read “Dakota: A Spiritual Geography”, a still and quiet book by Kathleen Norris that provides a meditative look at life in western North and …

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Win Tickets to the Tewaukon Music Festival

I love a good outdoor music festival and this year, there’s a brand new one on the horizon in North Dakota.

The Tewaukon Musical Festival is coming to Coteau des Prairies Lodge on August 30 — and this is your chance to win tickets!

Poster by the Tewaukon Music Festival

The entertainment line-up includes diverse regional acts, including Tigirlily, a country-pop sister act from Hazen, North Dakota. (You might remember their “North Dakota” video from when it made the rounds on social media last year. It’s worth watching for the …

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