Street Style: Jeans and Statement Jewelry

Fall is a season of frosty mornings and warm afternoons and that can make getting dressed a challenge.

I love Nycole Burton’s take on fall dressing. Nycole is on her feet all day as the owner of Trendz Boutique in Minot, North Dakota so she knows a few things about dressing for both fashion and function.

(You can read my look inside Trendz Boutique here.)

Midwestern girls love their denim and Nycole has a simple way to get us out of the jeans and tank top rut. She pairs flattering denim (dark, with just a hint of flare) …

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Creativity Runs Wild At Celebrations ‘n’ Crafts

Downtown Dickinson is right on the cusp of a major revitalization.

The neighborhood is lovely and there’s a core group of small business owners who are passionate about revitalizing the historic space and extolling the virtues of walkable, community-centered downtown living.

One of the newest shops in downtown Dickinson is Celebrations ‘n’ Crafts. It’s officially billed as an arts and crafts supply store, but it’s so much more.

I confess, the name threw me at first. I’d pictured a quaint quilt shop full of calico run by little old ladies.

Instead, I found a vibrant, eclectic gallery/art supply store/Etsy-style explosion of …

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Five Fall Faves

Happy first day of fall! There’s just something magical about the season of warm days and cool nights.

I’ve been out of school for years, but this time of year always makes me think about new clothes (yay, tights and boots weather!), good books and fresh starts.

Here are five of my favorite fall things. What are yours?

Fall Colors:
Walking in the fall is a such a sensual experience. I love the fiery colors and the soothing sound of the rustling canopy of leaves. There’s a subtle beauty in the way the leaves lazily flutter to the ground and …

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Between Two Worlds Giveaway Winners

Thanks for playing the latest Prairie Style File monthly giveaway! It was great to see so many new people come to Prairie Style File through this contest.

Between Two Worlds: America and the Middle East is going to be such an interesting event and I’m sorry that you all couldn’t win! But my contest generator only selects two winners and we only have a set number of free tickets to go around.

The good news is that tickets are still available online. There are also a limited number of student tickets available as well.

But two people …

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A Fresh Look at Downtown Fargo

Downtown Fargo is kinda famous.

It’s long been a magnet for galleries, boutiques, restaurants and bars and the patrons who love them. It’s the first (and often the only) neighborhood travel writers visit when they come to town.

And last week people from all over the country got a close-up look at Broadway as an estimated 9,000-10,000 Bison fans packed the streets to welcome ESPN’s College GameDay back to downtown Fargo for the second year in a row.

It’s easy to think you know everything about downtown, that you’ve seen all there is to see. Alley Fair wants to …

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A Sharp Dressed Man

This week, my television has gotten me more excited about men’s fashion than anything I’ve seen on the runway.

Trendsetting guys aren’t apologizing for dressing up and their confidence is magnetic. Elegance is back, but this new take is colorful, rakish and wearable, with just a touch of historical inspiration.

But I’ll get to that in a minute.

I don’t usually watch a ton of T.V. But NFL football (and, more importantly) my fantasy football season kicked off last week, which means Derrick and I have spent a ton of time watching the games, listening to expert analysis and heckling each other about our …

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Craft Beer Heaven at The Tap Room

We’d been inside The Tap Room for about two seconds before I turned to my brother Jacob and declared, “These are our people.”

He didn’t reply. He was too busy starting at the beer list. We’d clearly found our home base in Minot.

Actually, it might be more accurate to say that The Tap Room found us.

We’d spent most of the afternoon shopping in downtown Minot (check back for more stories about shops like this one) and we were looking for a place to eat when we saw a sandwich board in the distance promising craft beer. …

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Between Two Worlds: A Giveaway That Has My Heart

“Differences challenge assumptions.”
– Anne Wilson Schaef
Something really cool happened when my son and I were at the park.

Eli is a social creature. He’s also a gigantic flirt. He was batting his big blue eyes at a group of sisters and waving at the mamas chatting in the picnic shelter when I noticed something.

I was the only female at the park who wasn’t wearing hijab, the scarf or veil worn by Muslim women as a symbol of modesty and privacy.

I’ve been the only American-born person in the room plenty of times, but the fact that this happened spontaneously …

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The Gold Standard at RH Standard

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.”
– Coco Chanel

Everything inside RH Standard is thoughtfully selected and beautifully designed.

Owner Rachael Hammarback started her career as a Kenneth Cole fashion stylist in Manhattan and she brings that skill set and her critical eye to her current career. Every detail in her upscale boutique in downtown Grand Forks is carefully curated, from the soothing slate gray walls to the artfully displayed clothing on the racks.

RH Standard offers premium brands for men and women. Every carefully selected garment is either a statement piece or well-constructed wardrobe staple. These are …

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Perfect Thin Crust Pizza at Wildcat Pizzeria

Making a perfect thin crust pizza is an art.

Bad thin crust is soggy and mushy or mouth-scrapingly hard. It’s often burned. Even middle-of-the-road thin crust pizza can bring back memories of the bland, rectangle-shaped cardboard pizza that fit so neatly into those divided plastic trays back in school.

Thankfully, Wildcat Pizzeria in Williston and Dickinson gets thin crust just right.

Liz and I stopped into the Dickinson restaurant on a quiet Sunday evening this summer and we liked what we saw. The shop’s hand-tossed, New York-style pizza is made with whole wheat flour, so the crust is …

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