“We Are Treasure Hunters”: A Fargo Film Festival Winner

I was going to write a compelling argument for why you should check out the Fargo Film Festival — or any challenging film, for that matter — along with today’s winner announcement, but I just can’t come up with anything that even comes close to this thought from my old friend and co-worker Emily Beck, who now serves as the Executive Director of the Fargo Theatre.

“There are times when we walk into a cinema knowing exactly what to expect. We know that Nicolas Cage will deliver an awesomely bad punchline after riding a motorcycle through …

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A Wardrobe Update From Shopbop

If you’ve ever gone through a major life transition, you know how it influences everything — even your wardrobe.

In the past three years, I’ve switched careers and had a baby and, although I could still technically fit into my old clothes, some of them didn’t really fit into my new life. They were too corporate, too buttoned-up, too much like my old life.

It was time for a change. Once I got the items I didn’t wear out of my closet and my dresser (it was an undertaking, trust me, but that’s a whole different post) …

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Let’s Go To The Fargo Film Festival (For Free!)

You don’t know Fargo if you haven’t been to the Fargo Film Festival.

The Fargo Film Festival is back for its 15th year March 3-7. And it’s truly one of the best events in town, a buzzy, kinetic gathering of local film fans, artists and movie makers from around the world. If you’ve never been, make this the year you see what everyone is talking about.

If you’re a movie freak, you’ll love the huge range of films on two screens, everything from experimental shorts to documentaries to animation. The luncheon panel discussions and after movie talk-backs with …

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A Little Love From Stems + Salvage

Happy Thursday! I hope you all are keeping warm out there. I thought you might like a little good news to warm you up!

One lucky reader just won a $50 gift card to Stems + Salvage in Crosby, ND.

But before we get to that, I just wanted to give you all a heads up that I’m doing the March giveaway a little differently this month. The giveaway starts on Sunday, March 1 and runs through 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, March 4.

The prize is affiliated with an gathering that I think is one of the top five …

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Crafters, Creatives and Culinary Artists To Watch

Saturday was magical.

My birthday just happened to fall around the same time as the Unglued Craft Fest and the February occasional sale at the studio so I celebrated with a much-needed shopping day with friends.

Friends joined us and wandered off as we explored the booths and some new shops in downtown Fargo. Being among so many interesting and creative people was incredibly invigorating. It was exactly what I needed.

The day was charmed from the start. I got up early to get a grab bag at the craft fest, which I’d never done before. Not only did we …

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Score Prairie Style Vintage At The Studio!

I’ve been selling vintage clothing and accessories on my Etsy shop, Prairie Style Vintage, for a few months now. And I’ve been selling to personal shopping clients for even longer.

But this weekend, I’m taking my first step into the world of retail. All the clothing and accessories you see in this post and more will be at the studio in downtown Fargo for #TheFebruaryEvent this Thursday through Saturday.

If you haven’t been to the studio before, you should definitely check it out — and not just because I’m selling there. It’s a charming occasional shop that’s open once …

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Be A Little Selfish This Valentine’s Day

“…you know what’s really amazing about choosing self-love? You’ll be setting an example for all the people around you and all the kids of the coming generation. You’ll be part of a revolution to take back the precious moments of our lives out of the hands of shame-inducing advertisers and back into the hands and hearts of real people like you, like me, like all of us.

I know you’ve dreamt about changing the world. So this is your chance. Learn to love yourself, accept yourself, and unleash your strongest, sexiest self. It’s in there. You …

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Win Barnwood and Vintage, Fashion and Flowers from Stems + Salvage

This month’s giveaway comes to you from Stems + Salvage, a charming little shop in Crosby, North Dakota.

If you’re not familiar with Crosby, it’s up in Divide County in the far northwest corner of North Dakota, north of Williston. It’s about as close to Plentywood, Montana as it is to Tioga and just a stone’s throw away from Saskatchewan.

Stems + Salvage is part busy flower shop (hence the “stems” in the name), part gift shop. The owner, Brittany Sparks, stocks the shop with a mixture of handmade and vintage items with an old farmhouse vibe …

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Find Yourself There: Paris, Ducks And Why I Started Blogging

“I want all my senses engaged. Let me absorb the world’s variety and uniqueness.”
Maya Angelou

I started this blog because of a duck pond.

This story actually starts earlier, in a pair of glossy green chairs beside the water in Luxembourg Garden in Paris. I was a successful sales executive then and Derrick and I were celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary in the city for several days before stealing away to Spain to watch our friends Sara and Pablo get married.

Love locks on the Pont Des Art bridge. I’m glad we took a photo of these, since …

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Coffee and Donuts At Beans Coffee Bar

Everything is better with a donut. Including coffee. And that’s saying something, because coffee is pretty darn fabulous to begin with.

Beans Coffee Bar opened in my neighborhood a few weeks ago and they’ve maneuvered their way into my over-caffeinated heart with the best freebie ever — a tiny mini donut with every speciality drink.

It’s a smart move. Beans is located on Veterans Boulevard in Fargo, in a rapidly developing part of the city that totally feels like it should be West Fargo, but isn’t. It’s accessible from I-94 and just south of one of the …

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