A Winner and A Cool Campaign From Bison Booties

Thanks for entering the June Bison Booties giveaway. You’re a passionate bunch and it’s always fun to read your comments.

Before I announce our winner, I wanted to take a second to tell you about a cool campaign from the mamas over at Bison Booties. It’s called the Normalize Breastfeeding Project and it’s a simple way to provide support to nursing moms in a way that doesn’t distract a hungry baby and respects a nursing mama’s personal space.

You can request a few of these cards for free with any purchase over $5 on the Bison Booties website. Or you can grab them at Moe Moe’s Garden Baby Boutique stores in Dickinson and BREA Boutique in Mandan or download the template and print your own here.


I don’t get all up on my soapbox too often on this site, but I do think it’s important to support other women on this issue. It doesn’t matter to me how a woman chooses to feed her kids, but since nursing moms sometimes get the ol’ side eye in public, I think it’s only right to give them a little support. This is how the human race has continued to exist for thousands of years, after all…

Okay, now for what you all came here to read. The winner!


Dana Dagman, you just scored $50 to spend at bisonbooties.com! Check your inbox for an email from me tomorrow morning. It will have all the details you need to claim your prize.

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