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I’m Alicia, thrift store junkie, voracious reader and enthusiastic napper. I adore black coffee, craft beer, street food and impossibly fancy pastries, any time, day or night. I collect ideas, passport stamps and giant sunglasses and I love exploring new places, impromptu dance parties and late night conversations.

I’m a freelance writer and photographer who loves tracking down uniquely local stories and immersive, off the beaten path travel experiences in the Midwest, the prairie provinces of Canada and around the world. I’m based in West Fargo, North Dakota, but I’ll follow a story wherever it takes me.

I’ve covered North Dakota travel for Delta Sky and AAA Living Magazine, written about travel and food and craft beer for Matador Network and trivago’s Room5. I’ve covered breaking news for Thomson Reuters and my photos have appeared in USA Today and in North Dakota Tourism promotional materials.

I’m the travel and fashion editor for Area Woman Magazine and I’m also the primary contributor and photographer for both sections. I cover and photograph regional art, local business, fashion, community and cultural events for The Extra, High Plains Reader, The Red River Promoter and The Good Life Men’s Magazine and numerous other regional publications in North Dakota and Minnesota. Additional clips are available upon request.

I also use over sixteen years of marketing, advertising, public relations, social media management and copywriting experience to help small businesses and organizations interact with their customers in fun and relevant ways.

Let’s Collaborate!

Want to partner up, show off your art or tell people about your business or event? Want to give your take on life, style, culture and travel in the Upper Midwest and the prairie provinces of Canada?

Comment below,  find me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or contact me and tell me what you’re passionate about and how you’d like to work together.  I feature regular guest posts from other creative people and I’m open to collaborations through giveaways, live event sponsorships, event planning and hosting, product reviews, guest posts and social media campaigns.

Collaborations with national and international brands and organizations will be considered, as long as they benefit my readers. I only collaborate with brands and causes that I love — and ones that I think will make my readers happy.

A complete media kit is available upon request.

Prairie Style File — what’s beautiful and what’s next, from the Midwest and beyond.

65 Replies to “About Me…”

  1. Hi Alicia,
    Great site! I heard you on the radio tonight and thought I would drop you a line. You helped my company with advertising a few years ago. I look forward to reading your travel blogs as I’m always interested in finding new places to take my family.
    High Plains Water

    1. Hi Craig!
      How wonderful to hear from you! I hope you, your family and your business are doing well. I have such good memories of exploring Valley City when we worked together and I’ve been lucky enough to have more adventures there since then. Thanks for reading and for reaching out. I hope you’ll find lots of ideas here! And feel free to comment below the posts or get in touch with me on social media if you and your family discover a cool spot. My best tips pretty much always comes from readers.
      Happy travels!

  2. I just done got done reading your article in ND Outdoors titled ” THINKING OUTSIDE” what a great article it said so much. If everyone would read just the first page and do it I think there would be a lot less pressure in the world. I personally hunt and fish but don’t care if I bag or catch anything it’s just being in nature and using all your senses and listening to everything around you and just let your brain wonder .You said exactly what I feel when I get out in the country side when I have a chance. Total release. Thank You

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate your comment and your insight. I’m so glad that this article rings true for you. I primarily connect with nature as a hiker and angler, so it was really interesting to see how so many hunters experience the outdoors in a similar way. Researching this story and interviewing and reading work by so many people who know how to truly open their senses to the natural world was an incredible experience. I agree that our world would be a lot more peaceful if more people could relax and unplug more often.

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