Adding To Dickinson’s Art Ave

Celebrations ‘n’ Crafts, a combination gallery, art supply store and retail shop in downtown Dickinson just celebrated their first birthday in April and they fêted their first year in business by adding another colorful mural to Art Ave behind their shop.

I caught up with Celebrations ‘n’ Crafts co-owner Amanda Galster to get the skinny on the new piece and learn more about what they have planned for year two.


So tell us about the newest 20 foot high mural on Art Ave.
“The artist was Scott Gordon. He started painting at 11:30 a.m., started with the outline and then kept going from there. He did it completely with spray paint. It took him about six hours total to complete this huge piece.

It was so amazing to watch him from the beginning to the end. He is so quick and so precise. It turned out beyond amazing. We absolutely love how it turned out.

We had people in the gallery and outside watching Scott paint till about 9 p.m. that night. It was so cool to see so many people enjoying some live art downtown and just enjoying the downtown area in general. We want more and more people to come downtown and take a walk to enjoy the art and beauty. This event turned out so amazing and we had so many people come by.”


So what are your best memories of your first year in business?
“We enjoyed everything about our first year, from the moment we started creating our gallery. One of the things I love most is watching people admire and just stare at the art in our gallery and then hear their thoughts on it. It’s so fun to talk about art with people because everyone has a different opinion on it. You can talk for hours about art.

We love giving people inspiration and we feel we have done that so far. There will be people that come in that say they haven’t drawn in so long and then they will buy a sketch pad and a pencil. Inspiration! It feels so good.

We love being able to help artists from Dickinson and the surrounding area spread their art. We provide them an outlet to show their art and that feels amazing. There is so much talent out there!”

Why do you think people like to shop at Celebrations ‘n’ Crafts?
“From the feedback I hear from customers and things they say when they come in, they love to shop here because we provide unique, one-of-a-kind handmade local items. You won’t be able to find these items anywhere else in Dickinson. They are exclusive to our gallery.

They also say they love to shop here because of the environment we have. I feel it’s just our personality and good vibes we carry… from the delicious cinnamon vanialla clove soy wax melts you smell off our shelves to the chill music we have playing. I love it in our gallery!”


So what’s in store for year two?
“We are excited for everything for our second and many more years, excited for all the creative ideas we have brewing in our heads.

Here are some of the things we have planned; painting and wine classes, general art classes, adding new artists to the gallery (which is constantly happening), our random gallery re-designs, speaking at the local high school french class end-of-year gathering. And one of the big things we are super excited about is adding to Art Ave this summer.

We have great plans for it. We have artists lined up to come paint from Fargo, Bismarck and locally here in Dickinson to come paint murals. We can’t wait to see it get filled up with more color. It’s a beautiful sight to see.”

Mural by Liz Bollinger

All photos in this post are provided by Celebrations ‘n’ Crafts

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