An Easy Monochromatic Make-Up Look Using One Product

There are lots of creative people in North Dakota. Today I’m introducing you to one of them.

The blogging world in North Dakota (like our state in general) is still relatively uncrowded, but new faces are arriving on the scene all the time. They often write about things that I don’t, and that teaches us all something new.

So I’d like you to meet Kendra Nicole Dais, a Fargo beauty blogger I met through my cousin Jacie Johnson, who is her skincare guru at Rejuv Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Fargo. Kendra and her blogging partner Tami Hampson created — a mash-up of the words “inspiration” and “renovation” — a proudly feminine look at health, fitness, food and beauty trends.

Since Kendra loves researching and testing make-up (a combination of words that makes my lazy self shudder) she is going to show us an easy and affordable way to update your spring look. If you like this post, be sure to check out the corresponding tutorial on her site. Here’s Kendra!

– Alicia
(All words and photos from this point until the bold questions at the end are Kendra’s.)

Runway model example of the Monochromatic Makeup look

Spring has not quite yet sprung here in Fargo, North Dakota. If the past has proved anything to us North Dakotans, it’s that our “Spring” could last 3 weeks and then … bam! … Summer.  Instead of waiting for the seasons to officially change, now is the time to start wearing your favorite luminous foundation, layer on that highlight and bronzer, and break out your pastel blush and lippies, girl!

The perfect way to transition your look is to take full advantage of the Monochormatic Makeup Trend that is straight off the runway this Spring! While runway makeup isn’t always the easiest to recreate or the most practical to wear on a day-to-day basis, I have the answer … Multi-sticks!

If the name hasn’t totally given it away, it’s a blush, lipstick and eyeshadow all-in-one! The good news doesn’t stop there … I have found a few affordable drugstore “dupes” for the popular high-end version of the mutli-stick! I’m a bargain shopper at heart, but you wouldn’t know it looking at my Ulta and Sephora receipts!

The Bite Beauty Multistick
Bite Beauty came out with the Multistick in 2016. The Founder and Creator of Bite Beauty, Susanne Langmuir, developed the concept, because …
“Women have always used lipsticks on eyes and cheeks. I was inspired to develop a blendable formula that performed equally well on lips, eyes and cheeks.”

She did just that! They totally nailed the formulation that includes 35% powder, which will makes application so easy and flawless. Their color range has 18 stunning, wearable shades that will work for the fairest skin tones to the darkest. These price in at $24, which isn’t the most expensive multi-stick on the market, but it is a bit of a splurge in my opinion, but worth it! I have two of the shades and I’m seriously considering giving into my makeup addiction and buying more, muah ha ha!

Bite Multisticks Creme Caramel (Top Swatch) and Brioche (Bottom Swatch)

Multistick Application
First, the term Monochromatic as it applies to makeup means using the same color on your lips, cheeks, and lids. To achieve this trending look with the Multistick, all you need is your fingers! How simple is that?!  Pick up the product on your ring finger to apply to those three areas. For easier application, swirl your finger on the top of the Multi-Stick to warm up the product. This will help “melt” the product for better blend-ability.

I’m more of a brush girl myself, so I like to put a thin layer on the back of my hand and lightly dab into it with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush (which is the first brush in this set) then stipple and blend onto my cheeks and do the same on my eyes with an eyeshadow brush.

TIP:  If you’re like me and tend to get a little heavy handed with blush, wait for the product to dry to the powder finish, grab a blending brush with a bit of powder foundation and blend out like your life depends on it!

Wearing Bite Multistick in Creme Caramel

Multistick Dupes
I’m always on the hunt for makeup “dupes“. I had a product from Maybelline in mind as I was writing this post and I found out they discontinued it, dang! I went back on the hunt and found two options! NYX Whipped Lip & Cheek Soufflé and ULTA Lip + Cheek Color Stick.

The Multistick is a no muss, no fuss, quick and easy way to be on trend for Spring! Will you be testing it out? Let us know!

FTC: This post contains affiliate links.

What about you?
Would you wear this monochromatic look? Why or why not?
What’s your favorite make-up product?
Which make-up trends do you love?
What do you want me (or guest bloggers) to cover more often on this site?

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