An Inside Look At Vivie’s Lingerie Boutique

“I advocate glamour. Every day. Every minute.”
“It`s not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood.”
Dita von Teese

A note from the editor: Vivie’s has relocated to 417 Main Avenue in downtown Fargo. Although the location has changed, many of the shop’s offerings are the same. Here are some pretty pictures for you to enjoy!


Yvonne Denault loves women. She loves beauty, glamour and the confidence that comes when a woman embraces her body and owns her femininity. She’s built Yvonne Denault Photography on the idea that skilled portraiture and boudoir photography can help women of every age, shape and size reclaim their power. She’s also the brains behind Pinup on the Plains, a gleefully decadent girls night out. You can see some of my party pics from the 2013 event here.

Now Yvonne’s taken the next logical step and opened Vivie’s Lingerie Boutique, a lovely little lingerie shop tucked away in a light-drenched loft space on the top floor of a gracious Victorian home on 8th Street in Moorhead, MN. It opens June 22.


Yvonne and I both have great memories of drinking coffee in this building in college, back when the place was Noah Coffee Company — although everybody just called it Noah’s. While my friends and I were spending entire evenings sketching, sipping drinks and writing in those hardbound community journals, Yvonne was telling one of her friends that she’d like to open a business there one day.

So when the building came up for sale, she bought it. It’s heartening to see a local business back in this beautiful space.


Vivie’s Lingerie Boutique is a luscious little jewel box of a shop, all natural light and flickering candles and sumptuous royal purple curtains. The walls are accented with Yvonne’s boudoir photos, a few of her dreamy paintings and affirmations written in gold script, gentle encouragement for customers to indulge and treat themselves.

I could tell you more about the shop and the philosophy behind the boutique, but Yvonne does such a lovely job of doing that herself that I’m going to let her take over from here. Here’s your sneak peek inside Vivie’s Lingerie Boutique. Here’s Yvonne!

Pin Up Dresses at Vivie's Lingerie Boutique

“Vivie’s is a classy lingerie boutique and vintage pinup inspired clothing store. We will carry beautiful lingerie items that you cannot find locally to include everything from corsetry, chemise, bridal lingerie sets, bustiers, robes, bra/panty sets and pajama sets. We are currently not a bra fitting shop. (We simply do not have the capacity to handle a large bra inventory….We will see how business is before venturing into that territory.) Right now we carry up to size 3X and in some cases we can get larger sizes from the brands we carry.

Our goal is to ensure every woman can find something sexy to wear that she feels and looks good in. In addition to the lingerie, we have an extensive line of pinup and vintage-inspired dresses, shoes and handbags. We also have jewelry from vintage to modern. We are an authorized boutique to carry Hanky Panky brand products and two European brands, Bluebella and Sawren. In fact, we are the only one to carry the French brand Sawren in the entire United States.

We have a range of sizes, styles, colors…I mean you could have grandma, mom and her teenage daughter come up to shop — and there would be something for each of them. Seriously. There is nothing offensive in the store. You don’t have to worry about finding adult items that are embarrassing. We are not about sex — we are about fashionable sexiness and expression in clothing.


I absolutely love to shop. I love fashion and I love feminine. I find that when I go shopping locally…there are really great products out there, but they either A) Don’t fit me; or B) Don’t have a selection of items that are appealing to me. Many of the boutiques locally have been appealing to the teenage market or to the mature woman who has a slender build. And everything else is very casual looking, which is great sometimes — but there are those of us who like to express ourselves a little bit more.

I’m thrilled that I can now order things for myself as well as my guests. I love vintage-inspired and I feel that is lacking in quite a few shops in the area. And vintage-inspired clothing actually is more flattering to every woman’s figure. We have several dresses in the store that we put on varying sizes…and it looked good on everyone.

That’s my point — isn’t it nice to pull something off the rack and know it’s likely going to look as good on you as a size 20W as it will on a size 6?


On the lingerie side of things, I feel there is a total lack of respect for sizing in regard to the full-figured woman. I don’t need statistics — I photograph women for a living. And a majority of women range between sizes 12 on up. I can say that with confidence. We are the majority size and manufacturers give us dumpy clothes and lingerie to choose from in stores.

I’m tired of it, frankly. I want to wear fashion that fit my curves…even the lumpy bump that rests just below my belly button. I don’t want to hide under a tent…I believe I’m not alone. There is fashion out there for every figure — we are on the search and will bring it in the store. Women are women…no matter their size. They all deserve to have something nice.


Sex appeal and the desire to have it does not go away at any age. When women are surrounded by people and products that support their needs, society’s pressure to be a certain way falls away. And suddenly, you see them for who they are — beautiful, vibrant women who have desires to showcase that beauty and claim their own style. I love that we can help be part of that whether it’s in the bedroom or in every day wear!

It is not my goal to sell, sell, sell. While that is always nice, it’s more important to me that guests leave with a purchase they like on the hanger, they like on themselves and they don’t feel pushed into purchasing. I want nothing but good vibes about Vivie’s.”

Vivie’s Lingerie Boutique
420 8th Street
Moorhead, MN
Open by appointment — call 701-373-5770
Bus: Route 1

Opening Week Hours (June 22-27): Monday-Friday, 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Summer Hours: Tuesday – Thursday 4 p.m. – 8 p.m. and every second and fourth Saturday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Winter Hours: TBD

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