Another Monthly Giveaway: Yummy Food from Dishcrawl

I was planning to do a giveaway from a local artisan this month, but an exciting development changed my schedule a bit; a brand I absolutely love approached me about blogging for them in August and it’s going to be amazing!

I can’t reveal who I’m working with yet, but I will tell you that I’ve loved this brand forever, you can win stuff and I’ll have all the details for you on August 1st.

Since I’m anticipating national exposure in August, (eeeeeee — so excited!) I decided to focus on cool local events for the July giveaway.

Oooh, sushi. Sorry — I got distracted. Photo by Dishcrawl.

You don’t get any cooler or any more local than Dishcrawl Fargo. And who doesn’t want to win free food?! In case you missed my earlier article, Dishcrawl Fargo is like a themed progressive dinner where you pay one ticket price and eat a course at several restaurants throughout the evening.

The evening’s theme might be food based (brunch or desserts, for instance) or it might be geographically based like the upcoming Moorhead Dishcrawl. Either way, the theme and the menu are fixed, but the restaurants are a surprise.

Photo courtesy of Dishcrawl.

They also offer more flexible events like the upcoming Bacon Battle on August 24th (I’m so going) where several restaurants riff on a theme. In this case you can see what each vendor has prepared and you purchase the food you want to try with tickets.

They have some great events coming up and one lucky reader will win two tickets to the event of their choice.

Here’s how to win:
1. Visit Dishcrawl Fargo and see all the awesome upcoming events.
2. Then comment below this post and tell me which one you want to go to and why.

The contest is open until 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, July 27th. I’ll announce the winner here on Sunday, July 28th.

9 Replies to “Another Monthly Giveaway: Yummy Food from Dishcrawl”

  1. well, I’d vote for the bacon battle – but that’s the day of Sister-In-Law’s wedding, and that’s just not on. So second best choice would be dessert 🙂

  2. Sushi Crawl! Moved here not too long ago from the West Coast and haven’t tried any sushi places yet — what could be better than a bunch of them in one night??!!

  3. Wow! So many intriguing options that it’s hard to choose! It’s a toss-up between Taco Camp and Dessert Crawl, but I’m gonna go with Dessert Crawl because, really, who can resist the chance to enjoy a whole SERIES of what I’m sure will be DELECTABLE desserts?!! Count me in!

  4. Dessert Crawl. My teeth don’t hurt enough from my already high sugar intake.
    Also, I think chocoholicism is genetic because I know my dad has it and so do I. I just can’t get enough chocolate in my life.

  5. My husband and I would love to try the Taco Camp! Just found out about the couple of new taco places coming up in Fargo, like the taco truck you mentioned in one of your recent posts and just saw Vinyl Taco coming up on 1st Avenue North. Would love to experience street tacos like those we had in Tijuana on our honeymoon ten years ago, and I always love a good margarita!

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