Corks & Canvas Art & Wine Walk

Artist Travis Beauchene (who paints with a knife – oh, the metaphors!) and model at Boerth’s Gallery.

How is it possible that I’ve never attended a Corks & Canvas event before last night?

It seems inconceivable, since this event is a walking tour/wine tasting/art show hybrid and I have a teeny, tiny weakness for all of these things. The concept is simple;  just purchase a $10 wristband from one of the participating vendors (you’ll find the list on the website linked above), then stroll up Broadway, down to 8th Street and a few studios and galleries in between, checking out the art and wine at each location.

Almost all of the locations have artists creating new works on site, throwing pots, painting and making prints as you sip your Pinot Grigio. (After much scientific research, Liz and I are happy to inform you that Pinot Grigio really is the best wine for a hot, breezy, bust-out-the-sundress kind of night like yesterday. Although she’d probably add that anything with bubbles comes in a very close second.)

Speaking of wine, you can purchase the cool hand-thrown goblets people were drinking out of at Gallery 4. A certain server who shall remain nameless mentioned that it’s tricky to gauge how full those goblets are, so people that carry them probably get more wine per trip — an added bonus for supporting local artists, I guess!

Corks and Canvas
Wine at Ecce Art and Yoga.

A brilliant piece from Rando Art Gallery. I love Rando. We have a giant Rando painting hanging above our sofa at the moment. I’m sad this piece was already sold!

Nichole's Fine Pastry
The first fruit tart of the season on the patio at Nichole’s Fine Pastry. It’s an event, let me tell you.

So throw on some comfy shoes, grab a goblet and come find Prairie Style File at the next  Corks & Canvas event.

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