Eco Chic Spring Junk Market

Yesterday was sunny and beautiful, so it was a perfect day to take a walk down to the Eco Chic Spring Junk Market. Their Facebook page billed it as an event with “40+ local artisans” featuring “vintage, re-purposed, antique furniture along with decor for home and garden.” What I found was a sort of flea market/craft fair that had exploded all over the Eco Chic Parking Lot.

I’m not exactly in the market for furniture at the moment, but I did pick up a mint plant for mojitos and took a few minutes to check out the booths. There were a few familiar faces from the Unglued Craft Fair and other creative ventures around town, but a couple of new-to-me artists caught my eye.

I liked the hand-painted china and cups at imago dei designs. That’s their stuff at the top of this post!

And the pretty displays of jewelry and hair accessories from Let Your Spirit Soar by Hidie Lin Larson were beautiful to look at.
I love anything that glitters, but a lot of her pieces have an almost gritty spirit that tempers their sweetness. I mean, check out these re-purposed keychains…
…aren’t they just so earnest and weird? I didn’t arrange this shot at all. This is a totally random selection of slogans. I kind of wish I had bought them all so I could have pinned them on people, just to see their reaction.

The vendors hoping the Junk Market would be back in the fall, so check back here to find out for sure. Or check out Eco Chic for an updated events schedule.


Alicia Underlee Nelson

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