Eight Winter Essentials

Winter Layers

When the temperature drops, layers are the secret to staying warm outdoors and comfortable indoors. Here’s a look at my favorite winter layering pieces.

1. Warm Scarf: This little accessory packs a lot of punch. It adds a pop of color, serves as an extra layer and blocks that uncomfortable “cleavage as wind tunnel” effect.
2. Dri-Fit Shirt: If a shirt is good enough for the joggers I see running around my neighborhood in brutal weather, it’s good enough for me.  Cuddl Duds makes a version that’s extremely lightweight and great for layering under sweaters and jackets. In dark colors, it doesn’t look like work-out wear or long underwear. Bonus.
3. Dark Sunglasses: True, there’s less daylight. But there’s also lots of blinding snow. I love a fun pair of shades, especially when the lenses pick up a color in my outfit like these do.
4. Fun Hat: I live in a state where subzero temperatures are a reality, so I’ve made peace with the fact that not wearing a hat on certain days could literally kill me. Functional is fine, but why not make it a statement piece?
5. Colorful Skirt: A full shape and colorful pattern brighten up a mostly black look.
6. Fleece-Lined Tights: These things are miraculous. The super thin fleece makes them cozier — and usually more opaque — than other tights without adding bulk.
7. Boyfriend Blazer: Yep, I have an obsession with boyfriend blazers. The easy fit allows for layers underneath and always looks polished. And there’s a little masculine/feminine drama going on when you wear it with a flirty skirt.
8. Knee High Boots: These are classics. The flattering shape creates a long, lean leg line. And you never have to worry about getting snow in your shoes. Just polish and condition them a few times a season and they’ll last you for years.

What are your winter layering essentials?


Alicia Underlee Nelson

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