Fargo Film Festival Gear

Fargo Film Festival Shirt

I wasn’t planning on doing another post on the Fargo Film Festival so soon, and I certainly never anticipated doing a post on T-shirts, since most promotional T-shirts in my house end up as dust rags.

But aren’t the 2013 Film Festival Ts excellent?

Fargo Film Festival T-Shirt and Scarf

They come in turquoise and a surprisingly flattering melon shade and feature the trippy and vaguely steampunk-ish official festival art from the dashing and talented Raul Gomez. There are only a few left, so grab them while you can.

If your style is more classic, the traditional yellow and black Fargo Film Festival scarves (shown above) are fun and practical. And so are the shot glasses, I suppose — just in a different way!


The Fargo Theatre
314 Broadway
Fargo, ND
Bus: Route 11


Alicia Underlee Nelson

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