First Friday Fargo-Moorhead

Artist at First Friday Fargo-Moorhead

The worldwide First Friday movement — a monthly event to support and promote local artists — has arrived in Fargo-Moorhead at a surprising location; the Moorhead Center Mall.

On the first Friday of every month — that’s tomorrow, people! — local and regional artists from North Dakota and Minnesota line the mall’s corridors to showcase and sell their latest creations at First Friday Fargo-Moorhead.

Digital Photos by Bruce Crummy

There’s live music, art demonstrations and plenty of original work for sale. The offerings at the inaugural event in December included pieces from established artists like print maker Eric A. Johnson and noted photographer Bruce Crummy, to quaint terrariums and hand-made scarves.


The family-friendly atmosphere feels more like a craft fair or an old-time church bazaar than a reverent gallery or museum experience.

Scarves at First Friday Fargo-Moorhead

According to organizer and local artist Amber Fredericks, the casual atmosphere and easy interaction between creators and consumers are important parts of the First Friday experience.

“I love meeting and talking to new people,” says Fredericks, who also owns The Basement in The Moorhead Center Mall (check out my article on the store here) “and this event gives me that opportunity.”

Hair Accessories by Pretty Please...With Sugar on Top

The December First Friday event gave me the opportunity to check out her jewelry line, Pretty Please…With Sugar On Top. She sells it at The Basement, but I get so distracted by the bags and dresses there that I don’t give it the attention it so rightly deserves.

Cameos by Pretty Please...With Sugar On Top

I somehow missed the skull cameos! I don’t know how that’s possible, but Amber saved me from my ignorance by suggesting the perfect red and black cameo to add to my necklace collection.

As long as we’re on the topic of fabulous jewelry, I love the wearable snack art that Heather Murray creates for her Petite Treat Jewelry line. There’s something so fascinating and fun about tiny little pizza necklaces and macaroon earrings.

Earrings by Petite Treat Jewelry

The coffee and doughnut necklace (center) is my all-time favorite.

Necklaces by Petite Treat Jewelry

The event had a solid turnout for the first event, but there’s plenty of room to grow.

“We have the ability to add about 100 vendors,” says Fredericks, “the mall is bigger than people think. We hope that we can keep the event growing and encourage people to support their local artists, small businesses and community. We would love to have the entire mall filled with vendors!”

Want to show your stuff at the February First Friday event? Just email the committee at

Let me know what treasures you find at tomorrow’s event.

Happy Shopping!

First Friday Fargo-Moorhead

First Friday Fargo-Moorhead
Friday, January 4
And the first Friday of every month
4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Moorhead Center Mall
510 Center Avenue
Moorhead, MN
Bus: Route 4


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