Five Ways to Wear Emerald Green

Emerald Green

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2013 is Emerald, a vivid and versatile green that feels fresh and unexpected.

Since emerald green is so common in nature, even the color phobic can find a shade they’re comfortable with. It’s surprisingly wearable and suits a variety of skin tones.

Emerald green can feel calming and balanced or energizing and bold. And the rich jewel tone conjures up images of wealth and decadence.

The color’s versatility opens up a myriad of styling options to suit any personal style. Here are five easy ways to incorporate emerald into any wardrobe.

1. Be Preppy: Update a staple like straight leg jeans, shorts or canvas sneakers in emerald for a jolt of energy.

Emerald is breezy and approachable when paired with classic shapes like a cotton button down or a soft jersey T-shirt. Wear it with white or colors next to it on the color wheel like blue and yellow.

2. Be Opulent: Focus on finding statement pieces in a rich, saturated shade of emerald. Fabric choice and quality matter in a look this dramatic — anything less than the best can look cheap. Seek out impeccably tailored shirts, scarves and dresses in a lush silk, satin or velvet.

Make the color your main style statement by wearing it head to toe or temper the drama a bit with black separates or accent pieces in an equally luxurious material. And don’t be shy about making a statement with striking emerald jewelry.

3. Be Colorful: Give the color blocking trend new life by pairing emerald with other equally striking jewel tones like sapphire, amethyst or topaz. Vivid magenta also works as a wildcard pairing.

Keep the silhouette, accessories and make-up clean to let the colors take center stage.

4. Be Minimalististic: Integrate emerald into your wardrobe in small doses with an emerald handbag in a classic shape or a beautifully made silk scarf. Or experiment with a soft emerald eyeshadow or a bold manicure.

And don’t forget about jewelry! Emerald studs and necklaces — especially those in gold settings — are classics that suddenly look very fresh.

5. Be Natural: Evoke spring with flowing skirts, gauzy blouses and slouchy, tissue thin T-shirts in lush, tropical emerald green.

As for accessories, leather looks especially fresh in such a bright shade of green. Add a pop of color to your look with emerald green sandals or leather wrap bracelets.

What do you think about Pantone’s selection? (I have to admit, my money was on cobalt blue, but emerald is really growing on me.) How will you wear emerald green?

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Alicia Underlee Nelson

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