Five Fall Faves

Happy first day of fall! There’s just something magical about the season of warm days and cool nights.

I’ve been out of school for years, but this time of year always makes me think about new clothes (yay, tights and boots weather!), good books and fresh starts.

Here are five of my favorite fall things. What are yours?

Fall Colors:
Walking in the fall is a such a sensual experience. I love the fiery colors and the soothing sound of the rustling canopy of leaves. There’s a subtle beauty in the way the leaves lazily flutter to the ground and a certain tactile satisfaction at how they crunch under your feet.

And then there’s that moment where the air just feels like fall, so crisp and invigorating. Autumn is a sudden burst of fresh, cool air with notes of wood smoke and leather and just a hint of decay.

One of the pleasures of living in the Upper Midwest is being able to watch the storybook version of the season unfold in vivid color. There are so many great drives and parks and neighborhoods that are at their best in autumn.

Oversized Scarves:
Colorful and cozy, the humble scarf is fall fashion’s workhorse accessory. A scarf gives new life to a simple T-shirt and jeans outfit and is a statement piece when combined with fall layers. And it’s a practical way to add warmth without adding bulk.

Classic plaids, solids and stripes feel just right for fall. And they work for both guys and girls. If you don’t believe me, check out Paul’s take on a scarf here.

No matter what layers you throw at it — tights, boots, trousers, jeans, skater skirts, sweater dresses, leather jackets — a scarf will pull any outfit together. And it will still be the element that people comment on, so it’s great for those mornings when you’re not feeling very inspired.

Fall football is lazy Sundays cuddling on the couch and the smell of chili simmering on the stove. It’s meeting your friends at the corner bar and cozying up with a cold one and some comfort food.

It’s a clear fall sky and the sound of coach’s whistle carrying on the breeze as the boys scrimmage down the street. It’s cheerleaders and hand painted signs and freezing through your jeans on cold metal bleachers.

Fall football is bright lights and cold beer. It’s red cheeks and clouds of steaming breath and bundling up for tailgating. It’s warming your hands with hot coffee and maybe a nip (or two) of something stronger.

Buffalo Check Plaid:
I was a grunge girl back in the day, so I never met a plaid (or a pair of black boots) that I didn’t like. But this Buffalo Check plaid in classic red and black looks really fresh to me right now.

It’s so classic it almost feels retro, more lumberjack than businessman, more vintage than preppy. It’s graphic and bold and it looks especially cool when the pattern is a bit oversized and the red is bold and true.

Warm Drinks On Cool Days:
I never understood how, the very second we get done celebrating Labor Day, every single food and beverage vendor trots out a sign promising pumpkin flavored everything. I like pumpkin bars and cookies (like these amazing creations, but the idea of pumpkin in my coffee had me confused.

See, I’m a dark roast (and lots of it) kind of girl — no sugar, no cream, just tons of big flavor. The idea that coffee could possibly be improved by pumpkin and milk and lots of whipped cream and spices just seemed bizarre. And unnecessary. And expensive.

I’m still not on board with the pumpkin spice. (It can taste like potpourri, in my opinion.) But I will spring for something fancy and frothy, topped with whipped cream and a little nutmeg once in a while.

What are your favorite fall things? Do you have any cool spots to look at the leaves or favorite fall traditions?

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4 Replies to “Five Fall Faves”

  1. your post just got me SO excited for fall! i live in portland, oregon and it was still crazily 93 degrees over the weekend and now we are in the drizzly rain but the happy medium of crisp air before our 9 months of rain should still happen soon!

    what a gorgeous photo of the leaves changing on that tree and i’m glad you’ve come around to liking pumpkin spice lattes-they are indeed brilliant (even if they cost an arm and leg). yay fall!

    1. I’m glad you like the post and the pic, Chelsea! It’s been switching between summer and fall weather here too, which just seems to make me want fall even more. And I pretty much want pumpkin lattes constantly now. I’m going to go into shock when the giant gift card I’ve been using runs out!

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