Five Ways To Style a Statement Necklace

The statement necklace continues its reign as the accessory du jour.

I had to buy one after I photographed Nicole rocking a cool, white circle necklace in this Street Style post last summer and I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to style it.

So whether you like bold jewels, striking spikes, big strands of beads beads or major bib necklaces, here are five of my favorite ways to update your favorite necklace styles for spring and summer.

Photo by Stacie

1. Pair with a Button Down Shirt:
Sure, you can wear the shirt partially open with a cute cami underneath, but a more modern way to style it is to tuck a statement necklace underneath the collar of a button down shirt.

An elaborate necklace looks especially fresh when paired with casual fabrics like chambray, cotton and gingham. Bonus points for mixing patterns and colors.

2. Dress up a T
A colorful or chunky necklace looks striking when worn with a simple T-shirt in a contrasting color or pattern.

It even works over a more casual design, since the combination simultaneously dresses up the T-shirt and takes the preciousness of the necklace down a notch.

Photo by Stacie

3. Emphasize the Necklace with an Outer Layer:
Strong jewelry works with more structured pieces in your wardrobe as well. A jacket or cardigan sweater acts like a picture frame, drawing the eye to your necklace like a magnet.

Pair dark colors, precious metals and elegant jewel tones with muted clothing for a professional look or try brights, neons and major bib necklaces for a playful vibe.


4.Dress Up an Open Neckline:
This is the most classic way to wear a statement piece and it’s also the easiest.

A bold necklace dresses up even the most casual outfit, so pair one with a strapless or a sweetheart neckline and keep your make-up and other accessories simple. Pull back your hair to really let the necklace be the star.

5. Mix Bold Colors and Strong Prints
Last year’s neons get new life when paired with this season’s plethora of prints.

Worried that your necklace doesn’t match? Who cares? Just throw it over your favorite print and you’ve got an instant conversation piece. With a look this intentionally dissonant, it’s hard to make a false move.

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