Get Inspired by The Great Gatsby

Baz Luhrmann’s interpretation of The Great Gatsby hits theaters across the country this weekend and even if the movie’s hype doesn’t live up to the book — and do they ever? — I’m still excited to see Gatsby get the madcap Luhrmann treament.

I’m even more excited to see how Jazz Age influences infiltrate fashion. Here are some easy ways to add a little 1920’s drama to your wardrobe.

Great Gatsby Looks for Ladies


1. Indulge in Opulent Accessories:

Embrace excess with beads, sequins, fringe, feathers, rhinestones or colorful gemstones — the eye candy options are endless and more is more.

Liven up a modern silhouette with a dramatic fringed bag, studded dancing shoes or a scarf in a luxe fabric like crushed velvet.

2. Try a Dramatic Headpiece:

For day, don an elegant clouche hat, try a turban or a wrap a silk scarf as a headband for a touch more drama.

At night, the sky’s the limit. Leave full hats for daylight and try fascinators, Grecian-inspired headpieces featuring simple swags of pearls or chains or more elaborate pieces that move when you dance.

Dramatic accessories call for simple hair – slick it back, pull it up or pull it back so your locks don’t compete for attention.

3. Rock Art Deco Jewelry:

The era featured bold colors, multiple gemstones and strong geometric designs that look sleek and modern, even now.

Try dramatic chandelier earrings, a swinging lariat necklace or a statement-making square cut ring. Don’t be afraid to really sparkle. Bracelets and necklaces look great layered, especially for evening.

4. Try a 1920’s Palette:

The 1920’s color palette is a tale of two extremes — cream, ivory and cool, watery pastels for day and dramatic tones at night.

For day events, explore ice blue, irridescent pearl, soft lavender, mint, blush, peach and rose. At night, have fun with seductive nudes, futuristic metallic shades like silver, gold and pewter or go classic with jet black and luscious jewel tones.

5. Choose Bias Cut Dresses:

The Jazz age brought women unprecedented physical and social freedom. Dresses cut on the bias — a diagonal angle of about 45 degrees —  flow beautifully, gracefully emphasize the body’s curves and create a dramatic sense of movement.

While the knee-length beaded flapper evening dress is the decade’s most famous silhouette, there are many other lengths to play with. Anything with ornamentation will flash and catch the light. Just keep jewelry and shoes simple to avoid looking like you’re wearing a costume.


Alicia Underlee Nelson

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