Happy Halloween

Jon Offutt pumpkins at The House of Mulciber

“If human beings had genuine courage, they’d wear their costumes every day of the year, not just on Halloween.”
– Douglas Coupland

I’m dressing up as a sugar skull, so what do you suppose that says about me?

After 10 years on the Halloween club scene, I’m taking a different track this year, handing out candy to the neighborhood kiddies while putting my hair up in curlers and penciling in ghoulish white make-up so I’m ready in time for Crux of the Hollow Halloween Art Show: Debauchery and Decadence at DK Custom Framing @ Gallery 14.

A ridiculous number of friendly faces will be showing their work tonight, including Punchgut, Spider, my old co-worker Noel “Scotch” Anderson, Modern Man, Eric A. Johnson, Sabrina Hornung, Athena Funk and J. Earl Miller.

Then it’s off to Rhombus Guys for pizza and drinks.

So how do you think it all turned out?



Alicia Underlee Nelson

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