It’s a Mad, Mad World: Vintage Furniture And “Mad Men”

I just got back from a #PrairiePlaces places trip to Minot and it reminded me of what great antique shops and thrift stores we have in North Dakota and Minnesota. There are so many treasures out there for a great price — if you’re willing to look.

The challenge is, most people aren’t. My mom came with me on this trip and she and I turned out to be a great thrifting/antiquing pair. But if I would have brought my sister along, her eyes would have glazed over about 30 seconds in. Some people just don’t have the patience for treasure hunting — and I totally respect that.


That’s why I’m a personal shopper. That’s why people hire decorators and stylists. That’s why I run Prairie Style Vintage. Finding just the right thing is both an art and a science and there’s a ridiculous of legwork involved. Sometimes it’s just nice to leave things up to the experts and shop from home.

If you’re looking for vintage furnishings and decor without the hassle, you should definitely check out Chairish, an exclusive, beautifully curated site that specializes in vintage and used furniture. They have a killer selection of midcentury furniture and art that totally brings me back to when I fell in love with vintage.


My earliest style influences were straight out of “Mad Men”. My great-grandpa had some fantastic furniture (including this exact couch, I swear) and the coolest mod light fixture ever.  I still regret that I didn’t ask for it when he passed. I was in high school, years away from my own place, but it still haunts me. I’ve searched for years, but haven’t found anything like it since.

My aunt Barb, my dad’s sister, was a total 60s and 70s fashionista. I found a dresser full of her mini dresses and skirts and fell head over heels for paisley and stripes and Liberty print florals. She and my grandma had made most of her clothes and a generation later my grandma was back at her sewing machine again, altering the clothes for me.


So when I started watching “Mad Men” it was like coming home. I love the writing, but the clothes and the sets are total eye candy. I’m a sucker for clean lines, compelling shapes and complex color schemes and patterns.

I’m not sure who my favorite character is (I go back and forth all the time) but as far as style goes, it’s Megan all the way. That hair! Those legs! (I’d wear those minis if I could still get away with it.) Those glorious prints! And I love the interiors her character inhabits, too.

My dream house is somewhere between the sleek, midcentury sexiness of Megan and Don’s Manhattan apartment and Megan’s dreamy boho Laurel Canyon bungalow. I would buy pretty much everything in that apartment. And I think I might have actually gasped the first time the bungalow showed up on screen.

Wouldn’t this couch look awesome in either space? The built-ins make me swoon and I’m such a sucker for orange. If you wanted to give it that boho look, just add a few cool textiles and you’re set.


This is my favorite design era, hands down, and I love looking at everything Chairish has in stock. The site isn’t limited to just midcentury pieces though, so when you mix and match you’ll get that lived in and loved look that everyone wants for their home.

Now excuse me, I’ve got two episodes of “Mad Men” on my DVR that I’ve been saving!

What’s your favorite design era? Do you watch “Mad Men”? Which character is your favorite? Which one most closely matches your design aesthetic?


All photos in this post are provided by Chairish.

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