Melissa Kossick Mosaic


I don’t get over to the Moorhead Center Mall very often so I was surprised to see this mural by Moorhead native Melissa Kossick on the wall outside of Vic’s Bar and Grill.


I was even more surprised to see that Vic’s commissioned the work. I would expect that from, say, The Hotel Donaldson, but not from a place that I typically associate with burger baskets and bingo.

Sure, it’s designed to feature their specials and serve a commercial purpose, but I’m still impressed by the initiative. Way to think outside the box, Vic’s!


It also made me curious about the artist. So far I’ve turned up that Melissa Kossick is a writer for High Plains Reader, a frequent traveler and that she studied at the University of Louisiana and Illinois State University.

I hope to see more of her mosaics around town, because I couldn’t stop starting at this one.



Alicia Underlee Nelson

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