My Secret Vintage Source Goes Retail

I’m a passionate vintage shopper and — like many of us — I tend to keep my favorite sources secret. There’s only so much good vintage to go around so if you ask me where I got something, you’ll usually get an enigmatic smile.

But today I’m going to break my silence and share one of my favorite vintage sources.

Hodgepodge is the eastern Red River Valley’s newest antique and vintage clothing shop. I’m telling you about it because if you love antiques and vintage, owner Sharon Ingberg is someone you should (and maybe already do) know.

Hodgepodge Ladies Hat

Sharon is a fixture in the local vintage scene. She was one of the original eight vendors at the Shady Hollow Flea Market in Detroit Lakes and she owned and operated The Whatever Shop in Fargo for years.

We bonded over vintage men’s suits one day and she’s been an amazing source of knowledge (and clothing) ever since.

Hodgepodge Men's Suits

She’s been working in home health care recently, but she’s never stopped collecting the beautiful things that catch her eye. Now she’s back in the retail game with a sweet little shop that’s tucked into an unassuming strip mall off one of Fargo’s busiest thoroughfares.

“This location is what I’m most excited about,” she told me as we stood in the parking lot of the building, watching the traffic on 13th Avenue whiz by.

Hodgepodge in Fargo, ND

Sharon is happy to see more people — especially the younger generation — interested in antiques and vintage, but admits she’s not into selling online. She prefers getting to know her customers. She’s excited to see some old friends and familiar faces when she opens her doors on Thursday, November 21.

“Some of my old customers from my old shop and some of the people I’ve worked with are coming, so it will be interesting to see who else comes in,” she said. “I’m thinking this could be a whole different ball game.”

Hodgepodge Glass

Hodgepodge stocks antique glassware and home decor as well vintage clothing and accessories for men and women. The clothing selection is beautifully edited and priced almost unbelievably low — if you’re a collector or an enthusiast, grab your keys and get going; There are treasures to be had for pocket change.

Hodgepodge Ornaments

3301 Nodak Drive
(at the intersection of 13th Avenue South and 33rd Street)
Fargo, ND
Bus: Route 15

Thursday – Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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