My Thermometer Says 57 — Let’s Talk Shorts!

Today I not only went on a walk and took photos outside, but I actually got warm doing it!

I totally understand why so many cultures have rituals to welcome spring. The need for sun is absolutely primal this time of year and everyone I passed today seemed to be feeling it. We were all just staring at the sky with these big, stupidly grateful grins on our faces and my newsfeed is overflowing with “ohmygoshIwentoutside” posts. Actually, maybe this glee is our Midwestern rite of spring.

So maybe it’s the weather or the fact that I just got back from a beach vacay, but my brain has skipped spring entirely and is already concocting summer outfits.

Head Shot
Photo by Melissa Hanson Photography

This look — flowy top, funky jewelry and a practical straw fedora — is one of my favorite summer outfits.

Throw on a pair of perfectly distressed jean shorts and you’ve got an easy outfit — a little bit boho, a little bit sporty and super-practical for warm weather. And it’s pretty foolproof, so it’s good for us lazy people.

And since it’s spring break time and festival season for those of you down south and on the West Coast, it’s a look that lots of you can wear right now.

Here’s the break-down of the world’s easiest boho look for both guys and girls.

Guys Boho

I haven’t seen jean shorts for guys in forever, but I love the super-distressed look of this pair. A slouchy T, comfortable sandals and practical hat complete the look and will keep you cool.

And guys, don’t be afraid to layer on jewelry — just avoid anything metal. Beads, lanyards, rope and leather are all smart choices for hot weather.

The same accessorizing rule applies to the ladies. Global prints, materials and motifs are having a moment and they look great mixed with more traditional boho jewelry like semi-precious stones and nature-inspired pieces.

And don’t worry about matching — the more, the merrier.

Boho Girl

Need some more boho fashion inspiration? Check out ModCloth’s Style Gallery to get those ideas flowing.

So is it finally nice where you are? Are you out enjoying it? What are you doing? What are you wearing? Tell me in the comments or follow me on Instagram if you want to see more of the photos I’ve been taking.

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Oh yeah, P.S. I’m a ModCloth Affiliate and this here’s a sponsored post. 😉

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