North Dakota Style: “Sparkling Across America”

Here’s my soapbox moment of the month — I can’t stand it when people make fun of North Dakota.

I hate it when sitcoms make my state a punchline. (Alabama, Mississippi, call me and we’ll craft a witty comeback, okay?) or, even worse, when national media sources (even news outlets) mis-indentify Pierre, North Dakota or Fargo, South Dakota. It strikes me as lazy — and usually comes from people who can’t even find us on a map.

Eve's Addiction Sparkling Across America

So I was excited when the crew over at asked me to talk about North Dakota style for their “Sparkling Across America” series.

I’m not the typical kind of fashion blogger who normally gets chosen for these types of partnerships (I can take about three fashion-y photos of myself and then I get incredibly bored) so I love they asked me just do what I do and use this guest post to show a whole new group of people that there’s more to North Dakota than snow and oil.

I talked about my favorite neighborhood in Fargo, what I love about living here and how North Dakota style is unique. As an added bonus, I got to explore their jewelry lines and check out the the other representatives’ posts to get the scoop on what’s hot across the country.

Eve's Addiction Wishbone Necklace
This wishbone necklace was a blogger favorite.

It’s fascinating to see how people interpret the trends in different parts of the US. I loved learning that Maine embraces the nautical look with lots of stripes, cable knit sweaters and nautical jewelry and that Louisiana girls take dressing for LSU tailgating super seriously, but still love their pearls. And I scored a new mojito recipe from the blogger from Wisconsin!

Eve's Addiction Side Initial Necklace

This cool, sideways initial necklace was mentioned by a few of the other bloggers and I think it would play so well here. Rose gold is such a fresh alternative, don’t you think? And I love layering it with other shades of gold.

This wrap bracelet is still my absolute favorite, though. I wrote about it in my article, but I think it’s absolutely worth another mention. I’ll probably always be obsessed with leather wrap bracelets, no matter what anybody else is wearing.

Eve's Addiction Wrap Bracelet

You’ve got to have a signature look, right?

Now it’s your turn! What do you think is unique about fashion in your state? And what’s your signature piece? 

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