Party Pics: Bras on Broadway

Downtown Fargo has boobies on the brain.

There are hundreds of bras downtown. They’re strung together in a massive garland that rustles against The Hotel Donaldson facade and — for the first time — stretches above Broadway traffic.

Bras on Broadway HoDo Marquee

It’s all part of the HoDo’s Bras on Broadway, a unique concept that manages to be a fundraiser for those fighting breast cancer, a community-wide awareness movement and a fabulous one-night party.

Here’s a look inside Thursday night’s festivities.

Bras on Broadway at the HoDo Lounge

The bra garland sets the party mood; It’s impossible not to stare up at the bras fluttering over your head as you walk up to the building.

It doesn’t get any easier once you’re inside.

Dozens of artists donate both wearable and non-wearable art for the cause, which means that while you’re bidding on paintings or photographs (or this amazing neon installation by Katie Purcell that I’m obsessed with) you can also bid on wearable art.

Bras on Broadway Neon Art

At this event, wearable art means bras and corsets.

This year, 35 models floated through the crowd in their custom creations. Usually at parties I take photos of attendees, but at this party, the models and their bras totally stole the show.

Bras on Broadway Key Bra
Early Detection is the Key by Nathan Larson, modeled by Vanessa Anderson

Bras on Broadway Duo 2
Penny For Your Thoughts and Slumped Glass, by Becky Mitchell, The Glass Lady
Modeled by Megan Erickson and Viva Klundt

They had some competition from the fabulous dessert spread. At one point a guy literally flagged me down and insisted that I try a mini creme brûlée. I’d already had ice cream and cream puffs, but when in Rome…

Bras on Broadway Dessert

There’s something sort of fabulous about a party where everybody dresses up and roams around eating ice cream cones, bidding on art, dancing and checking out bras all night.

Bras on Broadway Ice Cream

And the party packs a serious fundraising punch. Each bra represents a minimum donation of $5 and they’ve raised over $430,000 since 2006 — and over $134,000 was raised last year alone.

I can’t wait for next year!

Bras on Broadway Duo 1
“Hope” The Thing With Feathers by Kerstin Kealy, modeled by Christina Johnson, and my favorite bra of the evening, Monster Boobs by Karman Rheault, modeled by Kaeli Wendt

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