Party Pics: Pinup on the Plains

Sometimes, you just need a girls night.

Last week I hit up Pinup on the Plains, a fantastic, ladies-only bash thrown by Yvonne Denault Photography.

People told me it was an amazing party, so I was excited to go when I wrote a post about it a few weeks ago. And it totally lived up to the hype.

Pole Fitness at Pinup on the Plains

“The vibe is great in here,” I told my friend JoRelle as our attention flickered between a ripped male dancer and hundreds of fierce looking women buzzing around the Plains Art Museum.

“There’s just something in the air,” I mused.

“That’d be estrogen,” she deadpanned. Touché.

Rosenquist and Pinup Girls

We ran into some old friends, like Megan who recently moved back to town to work at Bob 95.1 — here she is with her lovely roommate, Victoria — and quickly met some new ones.

Megan and Victoria at Pinup on the Plains

The evening’s official entertainment was great (and as well-dressed as the guests — check out Nikki and Emily, 2/3 of the acoustic trio The Lovely Larks) and the people watching was fantastic.

The Lovely Larks at Pinup on the Plains

And everyone looked fabulous, because everyone just wore what made them feel great.

Evening gowns at Pinup on the Plains

That meant evening gowns for some people…

Evening gown detail at Pinup on the Plains

…and cocktail dresses for others.

Cocktail Dresses at Pinup on the Plains

Some girls came in dressed-up day dresses…

Friends at Pinup on the Plains
Photo by JoRelle Grover

…and whatever made them feel comfortable.

Print Dress at Pinup on the Plains

Some ladies went all out, embracing the “The Great Gatsby” theme of this year’s event…

Flapper Dresses at Pinup at the Plains

…while others went for a classic pinup look.

Pinup Girls at Pinup on the Plains

Speaking of looks, I’m going to find a way to work a mustache on a stick into every party outfit.

Photobooth at Pinup on the Plains

Cute, right?

If you like this post, check back on Monday — Yvonne Denault Photography is giving you and your girls a chance to win passes to their next event.

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