Prairie Roots Food Co-Op: A Guest Post

I have an awesome job.

I get to go on road trips, check out local events and have coffee with interesting people, all in the name of research. Sometimes those people are other local writers I admire, writers who are out and about, promoting our little corner of the world in their own unique way.

One of those writers is Wendy Gabriel.

Wendy is a Fargo resident who writes simple tips for green living on her blog She’s also written nationally on the subject for, and and many other publications. 

She’s passionate and knowledgeable about living green and investing in local communities, so I invited her to tell you about a project that combines these two loves.

Here’s Wendy!


Prairie Roots Coop Eggs
Eggss from Doubting Thomas Farms in Moorhead, MN, photo by Wendy Gabriel

First, thank you Alicia for letting me climb up on my soap box and chat a little at Prairie Style File. I love your spirit and your energy and am honored that you’ve allowed me a voice over here at your fantastic site!

What if I told you there was something you could do, right now, to impact your community in a positive way. And, not only would it be something amazing today, it would be a positive part of the F-M Area for years to come. It would be something to tell your children about and they too would feel the impacts of your decision to do something. Not only would you and your children benefit but my children and our neighbor’s children, local farmers and producers and everyone in our community would feel the effects.

What, you say, is this wondrous thing I can do? It’s simple. Join Prairie Roots Food Cooperative.

Prairie Roots Food Coop

When my family and I moved to Fargo over four years ago, I was surprised that we didn’t have a food co-op. I have grown to deeply love this little spot on the planet and know that the people here are strong and smart and kind. So I continue to be surprised that we don’t have a food co-op.

I recently helped at the Prairie Roots Food Co-op’s booth at Streets Alive and, by far, the most frustrating reason people gave for not joining was that they had their own garden. Those people don’t get it. Not only would it be a challenge to completely feed yourself from a backyard garden all year, that’s not the point.

The point is to have a place that can provide local producers a space they can sell their products year round. The point is to have a place where you know the products are what they say they are. The point is to have local, healthy, organic, non-GMO foods available for everyone in our community. The point is to offer educational opportunities to learn about ways to keep you and your family healthy. The point is not everyone has the space to plant a garden. The point is creating a sustainable food system in our community. I could go on… but I’m hoping you get the point.

Prairie Roots Coop Mushrooms
Mushrooms from Doubting Thomas Farms in Moorhead, MN, photo by Wendy Gabriel

Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself, how do I join this great group?

There are 3 easy options:

• Pay the full lifetime membership fee of $300 at one time.
• Pay $100 now and the additional $200 when …
• Pay $25 now and an additional $25 every six months until you’ve met the $300 membership requirement.

Prairie Roots Coop Soap
Soap from The Honey B Soap Company, Fargo, ND photo by Wendy Gabriel

An awesome benefit you will immediately enjoy, regardless of which option you choose, is the opportunity to go to the Prairie Roots Online Market each week and order products from local producers. The online market has new items each week and each vendor has been vetted by Prairie Roots to ensure the best local products are available. Visit Prairie Roots Food Co-op and click on “Shop Online” to look at this week’s offerings.

To find out more information about Prairie Roots Food Cooperative and discover all the membership benefits, visit Prairie Roots Food Co-op or

Prairie Roots Coop Strawberries
Strawberries from Lynn Brakke Organic GardensComstock, MN, photo by Wendy Gabriel

When the root is strong the fruit is sweet. ~Bob Marley

Follow Wendy on Twitter at @MyGreenSide.

Prairie Roots Food Co-op
PO Box 5434
Fargo, ND 58105

The online market is open to non-members in the F-M area until Oct 3. Check it out!

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