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It’s spring and, although the weather in the Red River Valley doesn’t appear to have gotten the memo, warm weather adventures are on everybody’s minds.

I hosted a #PrairiePlaces Twitter chat a few days ago and asked readers about their favorite spring things. Here are their recommendations.

Please let me know your suggestions in the comments at the end of the post too! Just look for the questions in bold throughout the post to get ideas about what to comment on or chime in with your own thoughts and opinions. I get my best tips from readers like you.

What do you consider to be the first sign of spring?

“Robins! And all the other outside critters, but robins most. Love seeing them back in the neighborhood!” – @Katey911

“First thundershower of the season!”    – @NaomiOrre

The @ComoZoo spring flower show is always our first sign. – @saintpaul

“As soon as that snow melts, it’s flip flop time for me.” –@AmandaHofland

“Seeing a blooming crocus!” –@FeistyEats

“I’ve always loved the mourning dove’s song, I equate that with spring’s arrival. Confession: for many years I thought they were “morning” doves because I always heard them in the morning!  ” – @ccarolson

I don’t judge — I totally thought that too. And now they’re a sound I always associate with the Midwest.

Do you have mourning doves where you are? (That’s totally not a question I thought I’d be dying to know, but it is. Sometimes these things surprise me.)

What spring events are always on your calendar?

“Hoping to check out a vintage car shows…Toppers and any other vintage cars/events have me like    ” – @NaomiOrre

“We’re ready for @stpaulcinco! We’ll also go to these: http://ow.ly/101cSM ” – @SaintPaul

Photo provided by @SaintPaul

Where do you go to see — or buy — spring flowers?

“Any Farmers Market = good choice. Or local grocer. (#Hornbachers and #FamilyFare has a nice selection). Saint Paul Farmers Market is my all-time favorite. Trader Joe’s (Woodbury) had pretty ones too” – @NaomiOrre

The Garden Mill in Beulah. This event is another sign of spring”. – @FeistyEats

Cashman’s! And the spring garden show. And Faulkner’s. No place is safe.” – @Katey911 (Editor’s note: These are all in Bismarck/Mandan.)

“This year, I’m hoping to grow some of my own flowers. Planting a small balcony garden so I have fresh flowers all season!” – @DoYouEvenPaleo

What are your favorite places to get outdoors during the spring?

“ Road bike, gravel grinders & just bought a mtn bike too. Really want to check out @DetroitMountain.” –@Markus_Fargo

“Lots of walks and visiting @TheForks. Winter lasts too long here in Winnipeg. It’s time to get out!” –@accordingtomio

“Biking, hiking or running outside. Getting out to Hazen Bay to kayak hopefully.” -@FeistyEats

“Getting your fitness on outside is way better. Another place — outside city limits for storm chasing.   ” -@NaomiOrre

Photo provided by @SaintPaul

What are the best places to eat and drink outdoors in your city?

“Patios. The answer is always patios. http://ow.ly/101cSM” – @SaintPaul

“I love the patio at Doolittles. Nice n cozy.” – @AmandaHofland

“Only experience I had so far is the patio at Rhombus Guys Pizza (Fargo). More places to explore this year. When you go back to St. Paul, the @WAFrostCompany patio = OMG AMAZING..” -@NaomiOrre

JL Beers is also nice. I mean let’s face it, there are LOTS of great places to eat outside in Fargo!” – @DoYouEvenPaleo

Knights Lodge in Riverdale had a cute little patio for dining.” – @FeistyEats

“If you can snag a table at @LaughingSunBrew, have pizza from @fireflour, & the sun is shining, you’re set.”  – @Katey911

So what are your favorite spring things? What did I forget to ask about? Answer any of the questions in bold or tell me anything else you think I should know in the comments below!

The next #PrairiePlaces Twitter chat is scheduled for March 27 at 8 p.m. Central Standard Time. We’ll be talking about spring (again, ’cause I like it) so feel free to chime in with your favorite places. You can find the questions (which are similar to the ones above) here.

If this website has taught me anything, it’s that it’s totally possible to become blind to the people and places you see every day.

“I had no idea that was there” is maybe the most common comment I receive, followed by “How long has that been there?” This makes sense when you consider that the Upper Midwest is a pretty big place and it’s totally normal not to have visited every corner of every state. We’re all busy, with places to go and things to do. I get it.

Have you ever walked by this mural? I’m …

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