Stay and Play in Minot, North Dakota: A Local Look At The Magic City

Travel can be a beautiful way to open ourselves up to people and places and experiences that we didn’t even know existed. You don’t even need any plans if you start in the right place and ask a few questions.

I always ask people, “Which spots are uniquely local? What can’t I see anywhere else?” “Which places do you love?” These questions open up doors all over the world.

Scandinavian Heritage Park in Minot

I wrote these words for a voiceover and recorded them after a whirlwind video shoot in Minot a few weeks ago. This is basically my travel philosophy and it was so fun to be able to actually, literally voice these thoughts. (And do a little more copywriting and voiceover work, which I really like.) It was fun to give a shout-out to an underrated North Dakota city and put my travel destiny in other peoples’ hands for once.

I always ask for suggestions, ideas and off-the-beaten path ideas when I travel, but people are often too shy to actually take me up on the offer at first, or they give me the tourist version of what to see. It takes a few minutes sometimes, but I can usually convince people that yes, I really do want to know where they eat with their families and where they shop and what they do on a Saturday night in their city, not the prepackaged, postcard version of life in their community.

This shoot in Minot was like putting this philosophy into action. I literally told people I would show up, ready for anything. And the locals’ version of Minot didn’t disappoint.

Some of the locations where we filmed, like Roosevelt Park Zoo and the Scandinavian Heritage Park, show up in tourism brochures and must-see lists. Others gave me an opportunity to see some of my favorite Minot things, like shopping at Dakota Chappy, unwinding at Hyatt House Minot and meeting new friends at The Starving Rooster, through new eyes.

Apps at The Starving Rooster

Then there were other places on the itinerary that I wouldn’t have found on my own. They gave me an opportunity to see something different and, in many cases, try something new. That’s how I ended up attempting a puzzle at Escape Point, jumping on a trampoline (with a messed up foot, even!) at HighAir Ground Trampoline Park, pouring my own beer at Pour House and eating a fabulous meal at Elevation after golfing (really, really terribly) and driving a golf cart (like a boss) at the Minot Country Club.

Ready to go to Minot yet? Well, you’re in luck. The folks featured in this commercial chipped in to provide not one, but three Stay and Play Package for you, my lucky Prairie Style File readers. This contest is open to anyone in the world — just be aware that you will have to pick up your prize in Minot when you win.

This is about all I can show you at Escape Point! It’s all super top secret.

Here’s a look at the prize packages.

Package 1
$25 Dakota Chappy gift card
1 free night at Hyatt House Minot
$50 gift card to Elevation
2 adult / 2 children- family pass to Roosevelt Park Zoo

Package 2
$25 Dakota Chappy gift card
1 free night at Hyatt House Minot
$50 Starving Rooster gift card
$50 gift card to Escape Point

Package 3
$25 Dakota Chappy gift card
1 free night at Hyatt House Minot
5 jump passes to HighAir Ground ($80 value)
$50 gift card from The Starving Rooster
$20 Pour House

Dinner at Elevation

You can enter to win using the nifty widget below, which gives you a bunch of different ways to enter and extra ways to enter more than once a day. You can comment on this blog post or Like, Share, Comment on or Tweet about this contest as well — just make sure you tag me on social media so I can count your entry.

You can also enter more often by checking out the businesses mentioned here on social media and participating in their giveaways as well. (You’ll find them all listed in the giveaway widget and tagged in my posts.)

The contest entry link on this website expires on July 16, so enter early and enter often. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If all this Minot talks intrigues you, you can see the finished video here. It truly wouldn’t have been possible without three of the most irrepressible personalities in Minot, Lorena Starkey from Hyatt House Minot, Chappy Windsor of Dakota Chappy and Daniel Kidd Robinson, film guru extraordinaire.

Daniel at work

Thanks to this giveaway’s sponsors, which include the businesses listed above as well as Visit Minot, Minot Parks, Minot Downtown Business and Professional Association. Thanks for showing off your community to both me and my readers.

What about you?
How do you decide which spots to see when you travel?
What are your favorite ways to connect with locals?
Which of these Minot spots are you most excited to check out?
Have you ever let someone else schedule your vacation? What happened?

A note from me: I received free lodging and all the food I could inhale after it was done being used as a prop in exchange for this post. The FCC needs me to let you that this was an in-kind trade! It just happened to have been an especially fun one.

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12 Replies to “Stay and Play in Minot, North Dakota: A Local Look At The Magic City”

  1. I’d love to visit the Scandinavian Heritage park to find out more about the Scandinavian traditions in ND!

  2. It was a pleasure getting to chat with you during my part of the shoot! I can’t wait to read your book, and if there’s a time you want to talk about the history of our lovely little town, let me know!

  3. Hey! I’m so glad I found your blog! I used it recently when my boyfriend and I were planning for the 4th of July weekend. We ended up going to Medora after I saw some photos you had in your Medora post. We loved our time there, esp Theodore National Park, so thanks for that :))

      1. Thank youuu <3 I definitely will! We have been having fun exploring North Dakota/Minnesota so far & I know I'll be back here a lot :))

        Also, unrelated…but what's the blogging community like in North Dakota? Is it social? Non-existent? Are there ever any kinds of blogging events going on? lol So curious!

        1. I’d say North Dakota’s blogging community is small but social. We have a couple Facebook groups for bloggers and creatives (usually city based) as well as one for writers and bloggers around the state. North Dakota Tourism also does a bloggers and writer’s conference every year. I can send you info if you like!

  4. Oh man! So much good stuff in this post. You know I’m all about the food, so I’ve got to go with Elevation as my must-visit place! It’s been too long since I’ve been to Minot.

  5. Underrated is right; I’ve in North Dakota all my life and only visited Minot properly in March. There’s a lot more there than you’d expect!

  6. I’ve never been to Minot I have always wanted to go and I think this post inspired me to go on our next visit this summer!!

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