Street Style: Ashley and Blake

It seemed appropriate that I first spotted Blake Severyn and Ashley Dedin walking towards a historic downtown brownstone, since their tailored, muted look is so timeless. At first glance, these outfits could be from almost any decade, but a closer look reveals some modern wit.

Ashley’s Gibson Girl hair, however, is anything but modern. It actually made me grin when I first saw it. When I asked her why she chose this style, she replied, “Oh, we’re golfing later,” as if Victorian pop culture references pop up all the time in sportswear. If this is where golf attire is headed, I’m in. I’d be all over a preppy take on steampunk!
See the resemblance?
This image is my riff on the original image by Charles Dana Gibson, circa 1900.

Want to get Ashley’s look? The hair is a major element, so check out this Gibson Girl Hair Tutorial from Locks of Elegance and practice up. Her mid-length skirt is vintage and thrifted, but you can score a snug mini-cardigan like the one she’s wearing at Target. Layer it over a solid color tank — hers is from Discovery Clothing, a favorite shop from her home state of Illinois – and finish with simple, black TOMS Shoes.

Since Blake Severyn has a creative workplace — he’s a sales rep for High Plains Reader — he can have some fun with business casual. To get his look, try dark, straight leg jeans from The Gap and face flattering glasses, like these from Ray-Ban. His shirt is an original, made by Ashley!

In addition to blogging about about art, fashion and philosophy at, Ashley is also a talented visual artist and fashion designer and who just set up shop at She’s featuring women’s wear at the moment, but she’s working on expanding her men’s line soon. Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at Ashley’s designs and her process.

What historical era inspires you?


Alicia Underlee Nelson

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