Street Style: North Dakota Scruffy

The most common questions I get about my Street Style posts are 1.) Where are all the dudes? and 2.) Why is everybody so dressed up?

I think the answers are connected. There are some very well-dressed dudes in the region. I just tend to spot them when I can’t stop and take their photo, usually when I’m driving. I refuse to yell out the window, I’m not a stalker.

And honestly, most of the people in my Street Style pics aren’t particularly dressed up — they’re just making an effort and it shows. But despite major fashion advances in the last few years, the majority of guys in the Red River Valley still seem to think “It was clean” counts as a personal style statement.


So running into Robin Garland made me smile. I met Robin, his lovely wife and their little boy when we were all shopping at an indoor garage sale at West Fargo’s Veterans Memorial Arena a few weeks ago.

He’s rocking a casual, lived-in and work-appropriate look (he’s a carpenter and does siding and other home repair work) but you can tell that he gave it a little thought.

He chose several unique pieces and then just kind of threw them together in a perfectly scruffy, not-trying-too-hard, North Dakota-casual kind of way that the average dude can appreciate.

Robin’s stocking cap caught my attention first. It’s a Lifesavers hat, which I vaguely remember as a promotional item from my childhood, although I could be hallucinating that. But his kicks totally made me grin.


They’re a pair of black and orange Nike Air Tech Challenge II sneakers, a reissue of a history-making pair that tennis star Andre Agassiz rocked back in the day. Now it’s a bit of a cult shoe and a favorite with collectors. (Yes, there are lots of very serious sneaker collectors. It’s a fascinating subculture.)

Robin just moved back to Fargo after a stint in New York, so his lefse T-shirt is both amusing and kind of appropriate, don’t you think? I love it when a guy isn’t afraid to inject a little wit into a super-casual Saturday look.

See? You don’t have to be dressed up to get featured in Street Style!


Get the Look:
Sweatshirt: American Apparel
T-Shirt: Unknown
Hat: Lifesavers
Jeans: Levis 505 Regular Fit
Shoes: Air Tech Challenge II (Robin’s are a previous reissue, but you can find a newer version here)

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2 Replies to “Street Style: North Dakota Scruffy”

  1. Hi Alicia,
    I’ve followed your blog for some time now (I blog for the Grand Forks CVB, so we’re always looking for other great ND perspectives!), but just must comment on this clever post. It ought to be required reading for anyone new to the area (or mystified by our “style!”). Take care!

    1. Hi Elizabeth:
      It’s nice to meet you — thanks for reading! I’m glad you liked the post. I love writing Street Style features. It always surprises me how many different ways there are to get dressed in the morning.

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