Street Style: Paula

I ran into Paula Haeder at a Rock City Riot roller derby scrimmage where our boys were skating and admired her cool and comfortable summer look. The mix of black, white and brown is effortless and so perfect with her coloring. I especially love how Paula wears her heart — and her passions and her beliefs — on her bag.

Want Paula’s look?

Pick up some teeny denim shorts and a breezy cotton top — Paula’s are from Gliks — and have fun with accessories. Don’t think about it too much – just keep adding things you love.

Paula’s bag is a promotional item from 89.3 The Current, but you can get a similar one here. The mustache pin was purchased at Unglued Craft Fest, the twisted metal ring is made by a local artist and sold at One World Boutique and the other buttons are collected from friends, organizations and flea markets across several states.


Alicia Underlee Nelson

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