Street Style: Statement Glasses

I spotted West Fargo resident Sanita Repak at FM Ladies Night last week and I literally chased her down to take her photo. (Thanks for not calling security, Sanita!)

I couldn’t help it — I loved how she used bright pops of red in her bag, lipstick and statement eyeglasses to give an artsy edge to a tunic and leggings outfit.

Fargo Street Style Red Bag and Glasses

Sanita has an artistic eye for baking as well. It turns out she’s famous in the local Bosnian community for making beautiful cakes for special occasions. Chances are, if you’ve attended a Bosnian wedding celebration in the F-M metro since she and her husband moved here in 2008, you’ve seen Sanita’s work.

If you want to learn a little more about Sanita and her cakes, check out Sherri Richards’ profile on the local baker here.

Fargo North Dakota Street Style Red Glasses

To try a look like Sanita’s, embrace your love of color and wear a patterned tunic with bright accent pieces.

Choose one strong color from the tunic or dress and keep the rest of the outfit neutral and streamlined. It won’t look too matchy-matchy and you can have a little fun with accessories like Sanita’s silver belt.

Top it off with classic leather jacket and a fabulous pair of glasses and you’re set!

Fargo Street Style Tunic

Tunic and Jacket: Express
Glasses: Lenscrafters
Bag: Nine West

2 Replies to “Street Style: Statement Glasses”

  1. I FINALLY got a chance to introduce myself to your site and I love it!! What a local treasure. I saw ‘The red glasses lady’ and immediately had glasses envy 😉
    It was great to meet you!

    1. Hi Amanda:
      It was great to meet you too! I know what you mean — I coveted those glasses and I don’t even wear glasses. I’d love to do a profile on you this winter. I’ll email you!

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