Summer Looks I Love

Spring has been a fickle thing this year (Snow in May?! Seriously?!) but I’m ready for long days and balmy nights. This year the trends and my personal taste have aligned perfectly, so I’m going to be picking up lots of new clothes to wear for years to come.

Here’s what I’ll be wearing this summer:

Photo by Megan Tintari

Ah, super flared jeans — how I’ve missed you. Skinnies are sleek and versatile and useful in their way, but give me a gigantic flare any day. 70s influences are back in a big way this season and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve loved that slouchy, colorful, cool 70s vibe since I was a teenager raiding my aunt Barb’s high-school cast-offs and maybe this will finally be the year that I find a replacement for the perfectly soft, worn-in bell bottom jeans that I swiped from her closet and wore until they fell apart.

Plus flares are just so easy to wear in warm weather. Toss on a spectacular pair of wedges, a streamlined top and a giant pair of sunglasses and you’re set. Just keep the top cropped, fitted or tucked in to balance all the volume going on down below.

Gold Jewelry:
For a woman who wears black clothing all winter, I get positively bohemian when the weather warms up. There’s just something so right about wearing piles of yellow gold jewelry in the summer. Gold goes beautifully with a tan (which I know I shouldn’t be getting, but old habits die hard) and makes a statement even when worn with basics.

Keep the look edgy and bohemian by choosing pieces with a bit of an exotic edge. You’ll never go wrong with styles that look like they belong in India or Morocco. Women there know how to look fierce in the heat and we can all learn from their fearless sense of color and decoration.

I’ve been wearing everything in this picture (including the scarf) non-stop already. These funky pearl earrings are by Julie Vos (you can read more about the pieces I got from her here), the bangle is from One World in Fargo a million years ago, the necklace is a gift from the ladies at Kittsona and I got these stunning ear crawlers at (Just so you know, I’m a affiliate for the site, which means I sometimes get free things in exchange for sharing links with you. I only partner with brands that I love and that I think you’ll love as well.)

Photo by Megan Tintari

Maxi Dresses:
When the weather heats up, there’s nothing easier than a maxi dress. Just put one on and you’re out the door. They’re comfy, cool and the easiest thing to pack. Throw on a hat and shades for the beach or shopping in town. Or wear some great jewelry and pile your hair on top of your head and you’re set for an evening out.

Personally, I like brightly colored maxis or ones with a bit of a bohemian spirit, but there are a huge range of styles, prints and colors out there. Try a solid dress in your favorite shade if you’re new to the trend or to dresses in general.

If you’re busty, look for a thicker strap to hide bra straps. And if you’re worried about the dreaded maternity-wear association, don’t be. Just avoid Empire waist cuts and stick with straight up and down, athletic T-strap and halter tops or look for styles with a drawstring, belt or color blocking at your natural waist.

Photo by Luis Alberto Martinez Riancho

Flat Sandals:
I’m kind of pumped that simple leather sandals are making a comeback. They’ve been a classic look for centuries and yet they still always look fresh. They really show off a pedicure and, unlike the super stacked sandals and spindly heeled mules of seasons past, you can actually run around in these.

Go for flat-soled pair with rich, soft leather for everyday wear or something embellished or metallic for evening. You can dance all night and not miss a beat.

Photo by Timothy Marsee
I love that shirtdresses are making a comeback, because they really are the best of both worlds, the perfect combination of a shirt’s tailoring and smart details and the comfort and ease of a summer dress. Plus, I’m kind of lazy when it comes to dressing in the summer and it’s great to just throw on something that works for a meeting with a client and going to the park with my toddler.

Whether you go tailored or slouchy, look for a good fit and fabric that can take the heat and withstand wrinkles. A neutral shirtdress with a close-fitting skirt works great for work, while a flared skirt adds a touch of romance and retro movie start charm.

What are you wearing this summer? Where are you shopping?

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