Sweet And Savory Milkhaus Ice Cream

There are very few things that make me do an about-face in the middle of the Downtown Fargo Street Fair with an overstimulated toddler in tow.

Bacon ice cream is one of them.

And so is dark chocolate lavender ice cream. And white chocolate lemon ice cream. And pistachio. And salted caramel. From the second I saw the flavor list from Milkhaus, a new line of artisanal, handmade ice cream, I knew I was gonna be hooked.

Photo from Milkhaus

Milkhaus specializes in creamy, savory, unexpected flavor combinations that push the boundaries of what we expect from ice cream. The focus is on natural flavors and locally sourced ingredients, including fresh cream from Fargo’s Cass Clay Creamery.

Milkhaus produces crowd pleasers like cookie dough ice cream (with the cookie dough flavor right in the ice cream — genius!) but there’s a huge range of flavors represented, from dark and rich porter ice cream to the light flavor of green tea ice cream.

I’m dying to try Milkhaus’ rhubarb flavor, flavored with fresh rhubarb from Kragnes Family Farms in Kragnes, Minnesota. And the Milkhaus Facebook page even shows off photos of lilac ice cream. Fascinating.

Everybody, meet Seth Locken, the man who convinced me that I should totally skip lunch in favor of bacon ice cream. He’s also one of the brilliant minds behind Milkhaus.


Seth and his business partner Chris Wilkes moved the business to Fargo from New Town, North Dakota earlier this year.

They’ve been making ice cream and making friends all summer long. I think the ice cream trike helps break the ice. I mean, how can you not stop for a guy on an ice cream trike?

It’s funny, earlier this summer I was talking with KFGO’s Bob Harris on The Harris Happening (and later with some of you on Twitter) about how I finally saw an ice cream truck for the first time last summer. (I grew up in a tiny Minnesota town and we all kind of thought they were an urban legend.)

Bob told me his favorite way to buy ice cream was from a guy on a bike, which I’d never even heard of. Then, as fate would have it, I found Seth and the Milkhaus ice cream trike just a few days later. It was ice cream fate, kismet on three wheels, destiny in a push pop.


Oh, and that bacon ice cream? It was so good I took a selfie with it to document the experience, which I never do.

It was strangely filling for ice cream, packed with big salty and sweet flavors and a generous portion of chewy bacon. It was so thick and rich and creamy that it obliterated all other tastes for quite awhile afterward. I could actually taste both the thick cream and the bacon fat, which I know sounds kind of gross, but it was actually a throughly enjoyable experience.

Want to get your hands on some Milkhaus ice cream?
Pints and push-pops are available at numerous locations in Fargo, including three locations downtown — Red Raven Espresso Parlor (916 Main Avenue), Atomic Coffee and Blackbird Woodfire, which are both on Broadway.

You can also find Milkhaus at both Fargo Dunn Bros.Coffee locations (13th Avenue South & 25th Street and 19th Avenue South & 45th Street) and at Jason’s Superfoods in New Town, North Dakota. Chris and Seth are hoping to expand to more grocery stores this year, so keep an eye out for Milkhaus in the freezer section.

And if you’re in Fargo-Moorhead for Pride this weekend, you can find Milkhaus at Pride in the Park at Davies Park (700 1st Avenue North) in Moorhead from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Saturday.

Don’t forget to register to win a $25 Gift Card from Gordmans! The contest closes tomorrow at 11:59 p.m.

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