Midwest Makers Creating Fabric Masks

When U.S. leaders began to recommend fabric masks to protect against the spread of COVID-19, Midwest makers were ready. It was inspiring to watch talented sewists across the region (and the world) spring into action — in many cases weeks… Continue Reading

Midwest Pride From Lakeside Clothing Co. and NoDak Clothing Co.

Hey T-shirt junkies and casual wear fans, here are two Midwestern companies you should check out. Lakeside Clothing Co. and NoDak Clothing Co. are two cool companies that specialize in Midwestern pride. Whether you love the prairies or local lake… Continue Reading

In Studio With aendee Designer Ashley Dedin

I’d hope that my designs would appeal to guys and gals who, like myself, enjoy owning unique things, supporting small businesses and contributing to a sustainable lifestyle. Ashley Dedin aendee Sophia shirt in blue and mustard If you caught an… Continue Reading

Street Style: Ashley and Blake

It seemed appropriate that I first spotted Blake Severyn and Ashley Dedin walking towards a historic downtown brownstone, since their tailored, muted look is so timeless. At first glance, these outfits could be from almost any decade, but a closer… Continue Reading