Take a Page From Gatsby

I saw The Great Gatsby on opening weekend, and despite the critics’ mixed reviews, I thought it was fabulous — just as luxe, intense and glitteringly technicolor as as Fitzgerald’s prose always seems in my mind.

I’d expected to love the women’s fashion in the film — as evidenced by my enthusiastic 1920’s style post a few days back — but it’s really been the men’s costumes that have stuck with me; the impeccably cut suits, the hats, the tiniest dapper details.

So guys, this one’s for you!

Great Gatsby Menswear

1. Invest in a Classic Tuxedo:
There’s something so sexy about a man in classic black tie. It’s an elegant uniform and, unlike the boxy versions you might rent, a custom fit tux is incredibly flattering. It will pay for itself after just a few outings.

2. Try a Three Piece Suit:
This classic look suddenly looks very fresh. The addition of a vest takes the modern suit a step further — it’s so far out of style, it’s in, which gives the man wearing it an aura of daring and eccentricity.

The silhouette is fitted and the materials are often very traditional — no boxy zoot suits here — which makes it easy to wear.

3. Rock a Summer Suit:
A summer weight suit in light wool, linen or seersucker looks sharp and can be surprisingly cool in the heat. Gentlemen with a sense of daring may even want to try a pink suit, as Jay Gatsby does in the book.

Keep the look breezy with less formal shoes and lightweight shirts. A tie is optional for more informal occasions.

4. Don’t Forget Killer Accessories:
The little details can make or break an outfit. There’s been a resurgance of interest in vintage menswear, so there are wonderful examples of vintage pocket watches and rings out there just waiting to be snapped up.

Or add a little something new with a jaunty bow tie, cuff links, suspenders or some colorful socks.

5. Experiment With Hats:
The baseball cap has its place, but it’s refreshing to see other styles out there for men. Try a straw boater, fedora, derby or a newsboy cap.


Alicia Underlee Nelson

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