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Today was the first day this week that wasn’t face-meltingly hot (it even rained!) so it was perfect for running errands downtown. I was waiting in line when I noticed an e-mail on my phone from the folks at the Plains Art Museum.

Turns out there’s a Walking Tour tonight that features the work of one of my favorite Abstract Expressionists, Marjorie Schlossman. (If you missed my previous blog post about her, you can check it out here.)

From 6:30pm-8:30pm tonight (and also on August 9th) you can bike, walk or drive the route and check out her Main Avenue Studio, Roberts Street Chapel (shown above) and her Chaplets in Island Park (at the south end of Broadway) and Great Northern Park, just off Broadway between 4th and 5th Avenue North.

The artist will be leading both the walk and a discussion of her work.

Since the chaplets were just a few blocks from where I was standing, I decided to check them out.

Ms. Schlossman partnered with local architects who created these small, moveable structures that house her paintings. Designed to provide a break from daily life and a space for reflection, these little buildings are tucked into – and inspired by – the urban environment. Ducking into one in the middle of the day feels extremely cool and a little bit strange.

This is the exterior of my favorite.

And here is the interior of the same space.

Isn’t this incredible? I wanted to lie down and just take it all in.

So I did.

I think the artist would approve.

You can attend the events tonight or in August, or you can just do as I did and check out the chaplets whenever the mood strikes you.

Let me know which one is your favorite!

Marjorie Schlossman Walking Tour
July 26 and August 9



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