The Fargo Pirate Pub Crawl Returns

Once upon a time, I started a pub crawl with a complete stranger. Now The Fargo Pirate Pub Crawl is returns to downtown Fargo every year.


This thing has a life of its own and we want you to come raise a glass with us. There’ll be prizes, free and cheap drinks and lots of random adventures to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

If this year turns out like the previous years, you can expect great costumes, a friendly crowd and one or two random encounters that will go down in Fargo Pirate Pub Crawl history.


Like the time a guy thought he could jump into the Red River and swim to Moorhead.(A hint — it’s not a shortcut. And please don’t do that.) Or the time we charmed the band and danced a sea shanty at Dempsey’s. Or the time we met a girl who was utterly convinced that Pink was playing at the Fargo VFW and that we were somehow part of the act.

We’ve been goosed by guys pretending to be bouncers, mobbed by bachelorette parties (pirate men get a lot of photo opportunities) and raised many, many glasses in bars all over downtown Fargo. And this year we’re hitting some of our favorite spots.

You can find the complete list of bars below. Feel free to hit every stop or just find us at your favorite bar.

Fargo Pirate Pub Crawl Takes Over the HoDo Lounge

It was supposed to be a one time thing. My friend Katie was getting married in Vegas. Her friend Brian (that’s him, above left, our very first year) emailed me and said he wanted to arrange a pub crawl in Fargo to celebrate. I was happy to help, since Brian lived in the Twin Cities at the time and wasn’t familiar with the local bar scene.

The event has picked up steam — and people — every year since. Calvin (that’s him in the nifty pirate hat in the photo below) came on board a few years ago. He brought along friends from CoreCon, a local sci-fi and fantasy convention. P.S. Their next convention on June 9-12, 2016 just happens to have an “On Ancient Seas” theme so you can totally wear your pirate costume.


Speaking of costumes, wear your pirate gear this Saturday and you can win prizes! Stop out to the crawl and enter to win a sweet wooden mug and CoreCon passes, courtesy of our CoreCon friends.

You don’t have to wear a costume of course, but they do make it more fun. As you can see from the photos, costumes range from a simple eyepatch to really elaborate, period-appropriate attire. Trust me when I say that anything goes.

Fargo Pirate Pub Crawl Dudes

So come out! Join us! We need some fresh faces and new shenanigans.

Oh, and speaking of new shenanigans, we’re on Twitter @FGOPiratePub Crawl if you want to follow along for bar specials and updates both now and during the crawl. We’re also on Instagram if you want to see some cool photos. We’re using the hashtag #FargoPiratePubCrawl on all social media platforms.

You can also join the event on Facebook here and follow along for updates or just meet us at any (or all!) of the bars listed below. Every year I look at this Facebook invite and think “Well, it’s gonna be a smaller group this year”…and then walk down the street to the next stop with dozens of people I’ve never met before.

And it’s pretty awesome.



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