The Food Dude Talks Chicken and Waffles: A Guest Post

The Food Dude, Rick Gion is back with his monthly musings on food, drinks and everything delicious.

Today, he’s talking  chicken and waffles. What are your thoughts on the dish? Weird? Wonderful? Discuss! And read on…

Here’s Rick.


Chicken and Waffles from The Beefsteak Club

Most people attribute this oddly paired entrée with fried-chicken joints way south of here, or possibly a Lay’s potato chip flavor. But because of The Beefsteak Club, chicken and waffles have made a debut in Fargo-Moorhead.

Last time I tore into this dish at Beefsteak, I was a little bumped up on Kentucky bourbon. It was a late-night Friday excursion with some local artists and musicians –- no Fryn’ Pan for us that night. The bartender graciously put in a special request around 11 p.m.

Chicken and waffles is usually a Beefsteak lunch menu item. Luckily, I did eat lunch there a few days before so all was not forgotten.

The plate set-up starts with a bacon-infused waffle layer. The piece of chicken on top is very tender – leg and thigh together. The thigh is boned out so the fork goes through both the chicken and the waffle – getting the duo in one bite.

Sauces include whiskey-infused maple syrup and bacon gravy. I do like a little hot sauce. Chipotle Tabasco makes for a good addition.

The cornmeal coating on the chicken needs some mention. It is very crunchy, and holds up to the multi-sauce lathering. The waffle is built right too –- crispy and not too dense.

I used to eat chicken and waffles occasionally when I’d visit Washington, D.C., for work in a former life. The Beefsteak Club’s Midwest version is up to that standard for sure. They do not foul it up — so to speak.

At only $11, this dish at Beefsteak Club is well worth a try. And who wouldn’t want to say they had bacon gravy for lunch?

Try it at:
The Beefsteak Club
612 1st Avenue North
Fargo, ND
Bus: Routes 15 and 18

Tuesday – Saturday: 5 p.m. – 1 a.m.
Closed Sunday and Monday

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