Two More Days Of Tator Tot Hotdish Month at Rhombus Guys: A Guest Post

The best part about writing for Prairie Style File is meeting other creative people in the region — artists, chefs, entrepreneurs and other writers — and learning more about what they’re passionate about.

Rick Gion is one of those creative people. Rick and I worked together for a local radio group and when I’d pop by his office to discuss a work event, the conversation would usually turn to food and what we both were doing (and eating) that night.

So I was thrilled when he said he’d love to show us what’s on his plate as a regular contributor to Prairie Style File.

Here’s Rick’s take on a local restaurant’s riff on one of the Midwest’s signature dishes.

Tator Tot Pizza from Rhombus Guys

Rhombus Guys is known for its creative pizza-topping combinations. This month’s featured pizza doesn’t conflict with that culinary philosophy.

I shared this ‘stick-to-yer-ribs’ tator tot hotdish pizza with a co-worker a few weeks ago.

Toppings include tots, hamburger, green beans, sweet corn kernels, fresh jalapeno slices, and mozzarella cheese. The sauce is cream of chicken soup. I told the staff to add bacon, because my mom always adds bacon to her tator tot hotdish. Dat der is da right idea!

Does this work as a pizza? With the bacon added, yes. The green beans are a little weird on a pizza though.

Rhombus is a fun place. The food and beverage are always good, and the eclectic wait staff is a highlight. You can also get pizza there until midnight, which is a nice option to have while enjoying a late-night downtown escapade.

If you decide to order a tator tot hotdish pizza at Rhombus Guys, add some bacon. And then make sure to drink a few beers while you’re at it.

Rhombus Guys Logo

Rhombus Guys
606 Main Avenue
Fargo, ND

312 Kittson Avenue
Grand Forks, ND

1110 Garfield Avenue North
Mentor, MN

About Rick: “I’m a 34-year-old local food nerd and recovering political wonk. I’ve been cooking since I’ve been 12 and really enjoy exploring ethnic foods, grilling and smoking meat. I’ve worked in the media industry for nearly 15 years (yikes).”

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I really need to give this column a name… The Food Dude? The Roving Foodie? Let me know what you think I should call it!



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