Unique Shopping in Hillsboro

This blog gives me an excuse to make every trip a shopping trip, and since my work takes me across North Dakota, my lunch breaks have gotten a lot more interesting! It blows my mind that so many small towns still have a Main Street shopping scene.

Uniquely Yours Crafts, a charming little antique/craft/jewelry repair shop in Hillsboro, North Dakota, is a great example of a shop with plenty of local flavor.
My Grandma J. has been after me to stop in here for years, and despite the fact that I grew up just minutes away and I have family in Hillsboro, I just kept driving by. Now I’m totally kicking myself for not stopping sooner!
This well-edited little shop has some particularly great furniture, especially the mid-century pieces. The mint-condition dresser shown at the top of this post was less than $200 and I’ve never been so tempted to strap something to the roof of my car in my life.
They also sell jewelry and variety of handmade gifts, cards, jams and jellies. I especially liked the colorful kids sweaters for the sort-of-amazing price of $20. Can you even buy decent yarn for $20 these days?
The moral of this story?
Listen to your grandmother! Or, at least, listen to mine.

Uniquely Yours Crafts
7 Main Street
Hillsboro, North Dakota

Monday-Saturday: 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.


Alicia Underlee Nelson

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