Vintage, Junk and Jewelry

My friend JoRelle and I checked out JunkFest & Flea Market in Carrington this past weekend and we both took way too many photos not to show you some of the stuff we found.

Flea Market Table at JunkFest
Photo by JoRelle Grover

We’re definitely making this an annual trip — the event alone takes a few hours and Carrington goes completely junk crazy with garage sales all over town and specials in the shops. Next time we’ll budget more time to see everything — and bring a bigger vehicle and a wish list to help us focus.

Until then, here are a few of our favorite things from JunkFest 2013.

Our Favorite Things at JunkFest

Every little shop used to bottle its wares in-house and I love thinking about how the cities etched into the bottles have changed since someone used them.

Bismarck-based vendor Les Rathjen was such a sweetheart — and he was extremely knowledgeable about local history and demand for his product. He told me he pays up to $200 for bottles with North Dakota or Montana town names.

I guess I know what I’m looking for at my next estate sale! If you have some to sell, contact him at 701-301-9483.

Bottles at JunkFest

Aren’t they beautiful?

The sun and sediment in the soil have tinted them different colors over the years, elevating simple flasks, soda and prescription bottles into little works of art.

The Junkman's Daughter at JunkFest
Hope Coleman operates Junkman’s Daughter out of LaMoure, ND and her booth was just one of many examples of how to display an eclectic collection.

I especially love the map-covered letters in the corner. If you like what Hope’s selling, you can contact her at 701-320-9803.

Metal Letters at JunkFest
Speaking of letters, I bought these cool metal letters for Eli’s room from a guy named Rick Simpson. (I’ve stopped buying art until I can get it all framed and hung, but that doesn’t mean I’m done with my walls yet!)

The colors are perfect for his room and I love the patina on the letter E. You can reach Rick at

Matte Black Finish
Shabby chic furniture, chalk paint and brightly colored, high-gloss accent pieces were the norm at the event, but we were most excited by the understated matte black pieces like this mirror.

The effect is sophisticated and quietly sexy. It can even go a little bit gothic, depending on the piece. This photo looks a bit glossier than the actual piece does in person, but you get the idea.

Matte is having a moment in make-up too, but just like in cosmetics, make sure whatever you’re painting (or buying) has a perfectly primed surface — matte shows every flaw.

Coppery Twists from JunkFest
JoRelle got these amazing coppery, twisty things the work as a necklace, bracelet or hair accessory. They look incredible and they were only $5 each! (She’s wearing two.)

Sadly, the ladies we bought them from didn’t have a card or shop name, but if you sold them to us (or know who did), please comment here so we can tell people where they can get their own.

The people watching at JunkFest was as good as the treasure hunting. I photographed three women with great — and very different looks — there and I’ll be featuring them in Street Style posts over the next three Saturdays, so check back or like my Facebook page, follow my Twitter feed or subscribe via email on the right hand side of this page to get all the updates!

6 Replies to “Vintage, Junk and Jewelry”

  1. We sold there two years ago. It was an awesome experience. We sold out the trailer in about three hours-it was like locusts descended on our space and displays.

  2. So glad you made it to JunkFest and enjoyed your day! Your interview with Missy Hafner and this post and pictures are wonderful! Thank you so much for taking the time to introduce us to your followers! Hugs! The JunkFest Girls

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