“We Are Treasure Hunters”: A Fargo Film Festival Winner

I was going to write a compelling argument for why you should check out the Fargo Film Festival — or any challenging film, for that matter — along with today’s winner announcement, but I just can’t come up with anything that even comes close to this thought from my old friend and co-worker Emily Beck, who now serves as the Executive Director of the Fargo Theatre.


“There are times when we walk into a cinema knowing exactly what to expect. We know that Nicolas Cage will deliver an awesomely bad punchline after riding a motorcycle through the flaming hull of a downed jetliner, Colin Firth will make us swoon in that totally respectable way, and Meryl Streep will meryl as only Meryl can. The familiar can be a lovely warm blanket, the White Hat saving the day, and an excellent night at the movies.

But there are times when we feel a bit more adventurous – times when we seek art that grabs us by the collar and shakes us awake. These are the times when we are treasure hunters, boldly going beyond to find something of inmeasureable worth. If you are craving an adventure, then you are in the right place.”

– Emily Beck, Executive Director of the Fargo Theatre

Brilliant, right?

Oh, P.S. we have a winner! Logan Schrader, you and a friend are going to the Friday evening session of the Fargo Film Festival for free! Watch your e-mail for a note from me about how to claim your prize.

Thanks for playing, everyone! I hope to see lots of you out and about in downtown Fargo this week.

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