What I’m Wearing: Studded Wrap Bracelets

I wasn’t planning on taking pictures today, but this dreamy afternoon light made me see my go-to wrap bracelets with fresh eyes. (Okay, the hydrocodone I’m taking after oral surgery might have contributed to my fascination as well. Just possibly.)
Anyway, I basically live in these bracelets during the summer. They’re a mix of real and faux leather, so they don’t heat up in the sun, but there’s still just enough metal to toughen up a sundress.

Like anything with a punk pedigree, they look better broken in, so don’t stress about missing studs or scratches. I just grab a couple colors, mix my metals and let them get all tangled together.

Bracelets: Target and Thrifted



2 Replies to “What I’m Wearing: Studded Wrap Bracelets”

  1. I truly need to work on accessorizing! Cute bracelets and best of luck with recovery… I just had my wisdom teeth out not too long ago and as long as that bottle of Vicodin lasted I was in a constant dream…. haha.

    1. I’m telling you, leather bracelets are magical! (Slightly less so when not under the influence of prescription narcotics, but still a valuable wardrobe tool.) And thanks for the good wishes!

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