What’s In A Name? Figuring It Out At Trendz Boutique

A confession — I almost walked right by Trendz Boutique because I’ve developed an aversion to creative spellings in retail.

Thankfully I didn’t, because this little shop in downtown Minot, North Dakota is one of my favorites in the state.


See, when I lived in the Twin Cities, shops with “fun” spellings catered to broke young things like myself who wanted something sexy and cheap to wear to the club.

On Friday nights, there we’d be, a rainbow of girls still in our maid’s uniforms, fast food caps and server’s aprons frantically digging through plastic bins and messy racks of strappy, stretchy, sparkly swatches of horrible polyester blends. We had a great time, but I’m definitely not eager to revisit that look.

Thankfully, Trendz Boutique offers the absolute opposite shopping experience. It features beautiful looks that work for day and night, while still keeping prices budget-friendly.


The interior, with its unusual rose-tinted brick, is a recent remodel, completed after the previous owner, the also-amazing Main Street Books (seriously, go there immediately) moved a block north on Main Street earlier this year.

Owner Nycole Burton (catch her in an upcoming Street Style feature a few weeks from now) has been showing off a colorful selection of clothing, bags, jewelry, perfume, scarves and sunglasses in the sunny space since earlier this summer and business has been good.


Trendz Boutique stocks styles for work and for play and its a great stop for any woman who loves color and texture.

And it lots of pieces you’ll like if you love that bold bohemian look that western North Dakota does so well. I scored an excellent kimono there that I can’t wait to wear.


My absolute favorite part of Trendz Boutique is that the shop stocks sizes S to 3XL. “I didn’t want to exclude anyone,” says Nycole. “Everybody should have fun fashion, regardless of age or size.”

I know she doesn’t think this is a big deal, but I wish more boutiques in the region would follow her lead. Since shopping — especially downtown shopping — has become a social event, it just makes sense to integrate various sizes into one location so everyone in the group can find something fun to try on.


There are already plans for expansion in the works. Trendz Boutique is currently renovating the store’s basement space so the shop can offer more merchandise, including home decor.

“We want a little bit of everything,” says Nycole.

The next time you’re in Minot, be sure to check out Trendz Boutique. And if you see something you like in these photos, drop Nycole a line. Like pretty much every local business owner I’ve found, Nycole is happy to help you find something you love, even if you can’t make it to her shop in person.


Trendz Boutique
106 South Main
Minot, ND

Monday – Friday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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2 Replies to “What’s In A Name? Figuring It Out At Trendz Boutique”

  1. LOL!! I am laughing about your aversion to creative spelling. I can NOT stand looking at Zorbaz’s menu for the very same reason!!!

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