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Workspace at Sew Dandee

The next time you’re in Winnipeg, check out Sew Dandee, a treasure trove of unique gifts and apparel, most of it handmade by owner Andee Penner and other artists and crafters from across Canada and the US.

This unassuming little shop on Osborne Street has been wowing customers for over six years and it gets better every time I stop in.

Napkins from Sew Dandee

If you’ve read my articles on Yellow Umbrella in Bemidji and UnGlued in Fargo, you’ll know that I’m a huge supporter of the handmade/indie craft movement that’s gaining momentum around the world.

I think it’s fantastic that shoppers want unique and often upcycled items and that local and regional artists are stepping up to meet that demand.

All this creativity — both online on websites like and at locally owned brick and mortar stores like Sew Dandee — make shopping a lot of fun.

Baby Stuff at Sew Dandee

Sew Dandee is a great source for clever and unusual items.

Penner herself is responsible for most of the silk screened work in the shop, which includes napkins, towels, bags and both cute and adorably sarcastic baby onsies.

The shop’s regional pride often shines through in the product offerings, which means tourists like me finally have some options for truly cool souvenirs.

Towels at Sew Dandee
The Louis Riel with Slurpee design is by Dan Phelps – the rest are by Andee Penner.

Penner also creates a line of smart and occasionally snarky greeting cards that she sells in her Etsy Shop and in the store.

Ryan Gosling Card

I particularly recommend her naughty Valentine’s Day cards and her funny pregnancy and new baby cards. And I love that she offers wedding cards for heterosexual as well as same sex couples.

Darth Vader Card

Sew Dandee also stocks a well-edited selection of men’s and women’s consignment clothing, reworked jewelry and accessories.

Custom sewing, custom silk screen orders and an alterations service are available as well.

Kids Stuff from Sew Dandee



If you want to keep up with what’s happening at the shop, you can find Sew Dandee on Facebook, read the blog or follow the store on Twitter here.

Goodies at Sew Dandee

And make sure to stop by the shop the next time you’re north of the border.

Homemade Wallets at Sew Dandee

Happy Shopping!

Buttons at Sew Dandee

Sew Dandee
105 Osborne Street
Bus: Routes 16, 18, 39, 58, 60 and 8404 will all take you to River and Osborne to maximize your shopping experience

Monday – Friday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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  1. This is SO awesome! Thank you so so much for the Sew Dandee love! It’s very much appreciated. Just to clarify, the Louis Riel Slurpee design is by Dan Phelps, not Don.

    1. You’re very welcome. I always love looking around your shop when I’m in town. And I just corrected my spelling error — I guess I can’t read my own notes! Thanks for reading and for giving me so much to write about.

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