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I’m a Minnesota girl who lives in North Dakota, so I’m no stranger to cold. So when a Dublin cabdriver told me it was going to be chilly during my vacation a few years ago, I smiled politely, but inside I was totally smug, thinking “This guy thinks 45 fahrenheit is cold?”

But when my husband, brother and sister and I stepped off a bus and into the beautiful Irish countryside, I realized I was totally and utterly wrong. The wind off of the sea was wicked! Prairie cold is brutal and it flash-freezes, but the Irish cold gets deep in your bones…and stays there.

So when Emma White asked if she could pen a guest post on winter dressing, I knew that she would have great advice and a fresh perspective because anyone from Ireland understands how to dress for the elements.



The snow is piling on and the weather is chillier than ever — make sure you’re ready for the winter with these items in your wardrobe.

This year’s winter may be one of the coldest yet. The season is in full swing in the Upper Midwest and the cold dips in temperature reported in Ireland over the past few days would make Midwesterners feel right at home. Now’s as good a time as any to bundle up and make full use of all your winter accessories.

When taking your look to the next level by mixing and matching scarves, gloves and boots, be sure to take note of these trends:

Colorful Coat

1. Go Big or Go Home
The easiest way to keep warm is by piling on the layers, and luckily, this year is the perfect time to do it. Oversized coats and bomber jackets are in fashion, making it much easier to layer on colors and different fabrics for an excellent textured look that keeps you warm.

Take inspiration from Issey Miyake’s Mango Forest look: an oversized double-breasted mango coat left open, exposing the beautiful colors of the outfit underneath.

Punk Layers
2. Punk Princess
Lauren Smith of Glamour Magazine notes that punk was all over the runways in this year’s AW2013 fashion shows, but the design returns with a twist. The rebellious trend now dons elements of the regal.

Celebrated designer Marcel Wanders has returned to design gift products for M&S for the third year in a row, and this year’s collection features scarves that have whimsical yet dark designs, and leather gloves with gold trimmings. The jewelry is also large and chunky in that eye-catching style associated with punk.

Layered Knitwear
3. Reminisce with Knitwear
You may not have appreciated the sweaters and scarves your grandmother knit up for you when you were younger, but many of these will come in handy this season. Simple designs on knitted products have transformed this material from tacky to trendy.

Sinéad Clarke, a well-known Irish knitwear designer, says that much of the appeal comes from the durability of knitwear, and how the look is timeless. Plus, knitwear is incredibly comfortable and warm, so it’s perfect for the chilly winter nights.

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Photos provided by Emma White

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